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An Ex Fighter Pilot and a Counselor

Posted on Thu Jun 16th, 2022 @ 3:44am by Captain Alex Shepard & Lieutenant Commander Savsa Parsala

Mission: Dark Star Trilogy - M1: Star Fall
Location: Counseling Offices, USS Eminence
Timeline: Current

Captain Shepard as working on reports in her ready room when she had a actualization. She still had to meet the Eminence's new counselor. It was better late than never to meet her new department head. Realizing that the current reports could wait until later, Alex left her ready room and entered the turbo lift.

"Deck two" she called out as the doors closed. Suddenly, the lift began to move downwards to the next deck down.

Once she arrived on Deck Two, she exited the lift and made her way to the counseling offices. Once she arrived at the door she pressed the door chime.

Lieutenant Commander Savsa Parsala was just finishing setting up her office when the chime went off. Odd she was not expecting anybody just yet, in fact she was just getting ready to report to the Captain and then due the mandatory physical. She sighed but smiled, patients come first "Enter" she called out and took a seat behind her desk.

Alex entered the office after the words were called out to allow her in. "Lieutenant Commander Parsala, I presume?" she asked as she held out her hand. "I apologize for intruding, I'm Captain Alex Shepard, the Eminence's new CO."

Savsa looked up as Captain Alex walked into her office and she straightened herself up, and glanced at her uniform to ensure it was proper, with the red Troon-arr badge (designating her a graduate of the Vulcan school of diplomacy) prominently displayed under her comm badge. “Captain Shepard, I was just on my way to your ready room. “ she said with a smile, as she automatically fell into her habit of reading an individuals body language . “Is this a patient, counselor session, or a Captain coming to see her department head encounter?”

"Primarily a Captain meeting her department head" she smiled. "But I also transferred to this ship a few days ago and I haven't exactly gone though my pre-command check-ups yet."

Savsa smiled warmly "Well then have a seat Captain Shepard, and please call me Savsa. I know it is no longer required by Star Fleet; I do have an 'Oath of Celibacy' on file. Finally, may I offer you something to drink?" She then again scrutinized the captain and her body language, looking for tell tale signs of how she was reacting and feeling.

"The 'Oath of Celibacy' is noted Commander" she nodded. "As for the drink, just a chilled raktajino please" she answered the counselor as she sat down.

Savsa walked over to the and ordered the drinks =^= Computer one chilled raktajino and an orange juice. =^= When the drinks appeared she walked over and handed Captain Shepard her drink and took a seat. "So, what would you like to get out of the way first, meeting me and assessing my record or your pre-command check-up?"

"Honestly, it is up to you counselor. But, I would like to know who is conducting my check-up as well as being responsible for the well being and mental health of my crew" Alex smiled.

Savsa smiled "Well I was born on Vulcan, my parents being the Deltan diplomats on Vulcan. I was trained and educated by both a Deltan and Vulcan tutors. Accepted to study with the T'Shen monks at sixteen in medicine, where I learned both traditional medicine and how to apply my psionic powers to heal. Accepted and trained at the Vulcan Science Academy where I earned degrees in neuroscience and psychiatry. Finally at the encouragement of my parents I applied and was accepted to the Vulcan School of Diplomacy, and earned my Troon-arr badge." with that she taps the red badge under her communicator. "I then did a fellowship at Ku'Vel'Di trying to help alleviate and try and find a cure for Bendii Syndrome. While there I encountered a Vulcan male who told me of his time in Starfleet. So after two years of my Fellowship, I applied for and was accepted in Starfleet. I served on the USS Clement as a counselor. Then was transferred to the USS Elkins; a Saber-class similar to the Eminence, where I served as both a counselor and a medical officer. Then I did a tour at Starfleet Academy as an Instructor. From there Starfleet had me participate in the Star Fleet Interspecies Medical Exchange, ironically on Vulcan." She took a sip of her orange juice. "Now for what I know about you. You have had a very distinguished career, though much of your career is classified. You where trained as a fighter pilot and in flight control. You where the Captain of the USS Normandy. Then gave it up to your XO. Finally you just received this command, while it is underway on a mission; a most unusual thing for Starfleet to do." Again she took a sip of her orange juice. "I can also tell you are uncomfortable speaking to a trained counselor. Do not worry Captain I did not use any psionic powers on you." Savsa said with a smile.

"That's quite the record Commander" she said. "I don't always have problems speaking with counselors to that extent, it's just I'm not all that used to it. Minus, pre-mission and command stuff, it has been a while."

Savsa again, took a drink of her orange juice using it to study the Captain for a moment noticing her body language. She smiled "Well Captain I have no reason to counter act Starfleet in their decision with placing you in charge. We may consider your check in complete. If you should need my professional services I am available. As for mission advice I am always at your disposal. I must note it is extremely rare and strange for Starfleet to have a change in command during the middle of a mission, and to also assign a new Department head at the same time. I feel we will have our work cut out for us. I believe the earth term is 'we are behind the power curve' so to speak."

"Thank you Counselor. I will take note of your service" Shepard stood up. "If there is nothing else, I have reports I need to attend to. I could really use a yeoman right about now" she chuckled.

"Your welcome Captain, and I hope you find that yeoman."

Alex moved herself to the doorway and looked back at Savsa. "Who knows. Maybe one will show up in the next week or so. Starfleet has a weird way of surprising people" she smiled as she nodded a goodbye to the counselor, turned, and left the office.


Captain Alex Shepard
Commanding Officer

Lieutenant Commander Savsa Parsala
Chief Counselor


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