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Reporting for Duty as Chief Counselor

Posted on Thu May 12th, 2022 @ 4:06pm by Lieutenant Commander Savsa Parsala

Mission: Dark Star Trilogy - M1: Star Fall
Location: Transport Ship to the USS Eminence

Lieutenant Commander Savsa Parsala sat in the quarters assigned to her and reviewed the specifications of the USS Eminence and the Personnel files of the crew. She had suddenly been bumped from her current assignment in the Star Fleet Interspecies Medical Command on Vulcan where she was studying Bendii Syndrome and other disease that effected psionic endowed species to the USS Eminence. It was not all bad she had also been bumped up in rank to Lieutenant Commander.
The USS Eminence was a retro-fitted Saber-class vessel with a new more efficient warp core which it seemed to improved the living conditions for the crew, it even had a holodeck installed.
As for the crew it was an eclectic sort. It appeared there had been a sudden change in the Captaincy of the ship, with Captain Alex Shepard assuming command from Captain John Wells mid-mission. Captain Shepard has a distinguished career with several classified missions. She appears to have been trained in flight control. The Executive Officer Lieutenant Brakon Ryal is a Bajoran. Then there is Lieutenant Nerax, a Romulan, who is a flight control officer. The interesting thing was that she had meet his father, Nomar, at an Ambassador event on Vulcan she had attended with her parents.
She then seen an interesting thing; there was a Gorn and an Android assigned to the ship. It was going to be very interesting in how she approached these two unique individuals. She realized that it would require the usage of both her training as a Diplomat and as a trained Counselor when she dealt with them. Then there was Commander Yadira Tristan a mixed species Klingon/Betazoid, the question regarding her would be if she possesses any psionic abilities. Finally there was the Chief Medical Officer Lieutenant Robyn Cole, she wondered how she would react to a Deltan female with medical degrees.
With a sigh she closed off her PADD and finished her juice. =^=Computer, lights off.=^= She would get a goodnights rest and resume her studies of the crew in the morning.


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