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Finally Underway

Posted on Sun Jun 5th, 2022 @ 10:18pm by Captain Alex Shepard & Commander Yadira Tristan House Kilrah & Lieutenant Commander Trevor Andrews & Lieutenant Nerex & Lieutenant JG Hank Solomon
Edited on on Sun Jun 5th, 2022 @ 10:29pm

Mission: Dark Star Trilogy - M1: Star Fall
Location: Bridge, USS Eminence
Timeline: Current


She walked swiftly through the Eminence's corridors to find her way to the turbolift. The meeting with the Falling Star Command Staff had run a little bit long. It didn't help that she was still new to the Eminence. At least the ship wasn't as big as a Sovereign or Galaxy class. She finally entered the lift and turned to face the closing doors.

"Deck One. Bridge" she called out as the lift began to move towards the command center. Very soon after she entered, she exited the lift again and stepped onto the Main Bridge.

She looked around to see her officers busy doing their work to get the ship underway. "All stations, status report."

Lieutenant Nerex looked up from his station, "Helm is fully operational with course for Dantari Three laid in and ready. All we need is the go ahead from the Falling Star."

Acting Assist. CEO, Engineering Officer Lt. Marliss Tamzin Josephs, presently at Bridge Engineering Station, as Officer on Duty, reports, crisply and succinctly, "All systems report nominal, Sir. Standing-by for any Specific Orders. Capt Shepard, Sir."

Solomon looked up from the science console and saluted at the Captain's entrance "Shared sensors' readings with the Falling Stars shows all clear, ma'am. Nothing to report." he informed her.

Yadira exited the lift onto the bridge, walking over to the captain, "Cmdr. Yadira Tristan, CEO, reporting for duty, she said. "Engineering is exactly where I left it," she added.

"Very well Commander. I apologize that we haven't met formally, I just took command a day or so ago. But, make yourself at home Chief" she looked to Lieutenant Tamzin after she responded to Yadira.

"Lieutenant, please assist Commander Andrews in engineering with anything he needs. I want to ensure that our transit to Dantari Three is as smooth and painless as possible."

"Aye sir" the Lieutenant said as she left her station and entered the turbolift for engineering.

After all of the reports, she spoke up. "Alright folks, let's get down to business."

Alex looked towards the Ensign at operations. "Ensign, please send a message to the Falling Star and let them know we are ready for departure."

The Ensign tapped at her console to relay the message to the other vessel. "Message sent ma'am."

Not more than a second later, before Shepard could respond, the Ensign added, "We're receiving a response from the Falling Star. They are telling us that they're ready to get this show on the road."

"Very well" she stepped to her chair and pressed a button on the armrest to open a channel to engineering. =^=Mister Andrews, are we ready for warp speed?=^=

=^=Captain, this is Ensign Robinson, Commander Andrews is taking a call from Earth at the moment. Our engines are hot and ready to go."

"Thank you Ensign" she tapped the comm button again to close the channel with engineering.

After the engineer's response, she looked to Nerex. "Helm, increase speed to warp factor 8 with the already laid in course for Dantari Three. Await to depart on my order."

"Aye, Captain," Nerex responded, and programmed the change. "Standing by for your order."

Alex leaned back in the command seat and smiled. "Helm. Send it" she said simply, hoping that it would be understood as a command phrase.

"Yes, ma'am," Nerex said as he began departure protocols.

Yadira watched the engineering control board over the shoulder of the ACEO. Seeing a potential problem, she reached over the Lieutenants shoulder and tapped a few commands and the yellow light turned green quickly. Nodding, she smiled and walked over to the captain's chair and stood there watching the viewer.

After that, the Eminence and the Falling Star simultaneously and slowly engaged their warp engines. As the warp engines got to the correct power for warp eight, both sips flew to warp in a beautiful blue hue. A delightful sight for many.

Nerex made sure the ship had reached it's target warp and double checked to make sure that they were in synchronization with the Falling Star. He nodded to himself when he was satisfied that everything was in order.

Hank kept checking sensors' information and feeding what the Eminence was seeing over to the "Falling Star".

She leaned forward in the chair and looked back towards the helm. "Mister Nerex, what's our ETA to Dantari Three?"

He pressed a few buttons, rechecking the laid in course. "We should be there in just under 48 hours at present speed, Captain."

"Very well" she stood up from the center chair and looked around until she stopped at Yadira. "Commander, given you are the next ranking officer on the bridge, you have the con. Unless you are needed in Main Engineering?"

"No, my right hand man can do well enough on her own. I have faith in my people, Yadira said, sitting in the Executive officer's seat.

Alex rose up out of her chair and turned her attention towards Yadira. "Well then Commander, the bridge is yours. Please notify me if anything happens or when we reach Dantari Three if I'm not already on the bridge."

After that, the CO left the bridge and entered her ready room.


Captain Alex Shepard
Commanding Officer

Commander Yadira Tristan House Kilrah
Chief Engineer

Lieutenant Command Trevor Andrews
Assistant Chief Engineer

Lieutenant Nerex
Chief Helm Officer

Lieutenant JG Hank Solomon
Chief Science Officer


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