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Where and when is here and now?

Posted on Fri Sep 24th, 2021 @ 4:18am by Captain John Wells & Commander Yadira Tristan House Kilrah & Lieutenant Commander Timber Wolf & Lieutenant Nerex & Lieutenant JG Hank Solomon & Warrant Officer Alake Van Der Luan

Mission: The Long Way Home
Location: Deck1 Conference Room


[Deck 1 Conference Room]

Van Der Luan, Warrant Officer's pip newly affixed to his collar, entered and found a place at the conference table. He'd brought a PaDD with the latest updates to repairs on the ship's phaser targeting systems. Of the various tactical and security systems aboard, these had sustained the most damage during their transit through the Blackhole.

He waited for the other senior staff to arrive.

Nerex walked into the conference room. He was ready to give a status report on navigation if he was called upon. He saw that he was the second person to arrive. He acknowledged Warrant Officer Van Der Luan with a nod, and took a seat at the conference table.

Van Der Luan got up and went over to the replicator, that at least was working, and ordered himself a large mug of Bajoran tea and an apple fritter donut. Now the adrenaline was wearing off he needed a bit of a sugar boost.

"You want a raktajeno eLTee?" He asked the pilot. "That was quite the ride" The deck was still canted over a little. "So they have not fixed the trim yet?"

"I would like one, thank you," Nerex answered. "Unfortunately, they're still working on it. I'm just grateful we're still alive."

Van Der Luan replicated a mug of the strong coffee and a platter of sandwiches. He brought them over to the table, handed Nerex the beverage and set the sandwiches down.

"Yeah, me too. I was sure we were going to get shredded and torn apart" He said wryly.

"There's always next time," Nerex joked.

"Something to look forward to then" Van Der Luan smiled, sat back down and started in on his donut.

"I'd prefer we continue to live, honestly," Nerex said, before sipping his raktajeno. "Keep in mind, I''ll make most of my piloting decisions with the goal of not dying," he smiled.

"Only most? So it's true the rest of the time you guys do use the seat of your pants!" Van Der Luan grinned.

“Of course,” he smiled back. “There isn’t a textbook solution to every situation. The best pilots are great improvisers.”

Solomon joined the rest of the officers in the Conference room. Still battered and somewhat dizzy from the experience, he kept within his hands a PaDD. He couldn't help but smile at Nerex's comment "mostly is better than sometimes" he smiles and sits in one of the chairs close to the conference table waiting for the Captain to arrive.

Timber Wolf walked in with Alaska, who was fully recovered now, walking beside her master. "Morning all. Good to see most of you here," he said taking his customary seat next to the captain's chair.

Tristan quickly walked in and sat in her seat and sipped her morning coffee waiting for the briefing to start.

Desiraa hurried into the meeting room, very nearly dropping his PADD. "Good morning!"

Van Der Luan spotted the Captain arriving, stood up and announced "Captain on Deck!"

"Relax Warrant Officer before you break something" came the response.

"I think the Blackhole beat me to it Sir" Van Der Luan smiled and sat back down

Captain Wells sat down holding one of his famous 'Diet Pepsi. It was even in a can. Taking a seat his said,

"Alright everyone....status?"

"Ship is so far nearly repaired. Still minor problems but they are not in the major systems," Wolf said.

Hank nodded at Wolf's comment and added "We are still trying to retrieve some data" he starts digging through his notes on his PaDD "but the Einstein-Rosen tunnel brought us back in time, or in a parallel universe for what it's worth." he continue trying to be clear "the wormhole acted like a gravitational well that sucked us in and brought us on a different timeline, or universe" he brethed slowly and calmly letting the news sink within the participants of the meeting.

Nerex spoke up, “I have a diagnostic running on the navigation console. I am hopeful that it will come back with positive results by the time this meeting is over.”

"There's some anxiety amongst the crew, but not a concerning amount." Desiraa flushed slightly. "Everyone wants an official report." He'd almost been late because of how many crew members stopped him to ask.

"Engineering is about 75% normal. We are still repairing burned out ODN lines and optical fibers. Engines should be fine by now. Please no more unexpected bumps or black holes please. Your gonna shake her apart," Tristen said.

"Tactical took damage to phaser targeting systems, fried most of the boards on the sensor interface" Van Der Luan reported "Ops are replicating new isolinear boards and I've got a crew replacing them. Should be done in another five hours or so"

After listening to the reports, Wells continued,

"The bigger issue is when are we, and what do we do about the ship off our port bow? Something tells me that we cannot just ignore them. Also, if history reports that the ship was lost with all hands, we must consider the fact that we have an opportunity to save some lives. Can we do so? That is the real question in my mind."

""How was the Lionheart lost originally?" Van Der Luan asked.

"And, are we sure this is time-displacement, or have we ended up in some kind of Temporal-Sargasso Sea with them?"

Hank smirked "That”, to Van Der Luan, “is a major point”.

“We are currently doing a Star sweep so that, confronting the current star chart with what is in our databases, we can come up with a better idea. As you all know” he explains “the universe is not still and, very slowly, it is still expanding from it’s origination point.”

He recalls a program on his PADD and shows it to the officers in the room.

“If we are indeed back in time, we should have some minor discrepancies on the triangulated distances to the nearby stars and planets”

"That sounds like a great way to discover where we are. Let's give that a try" responded Wells.

Then, addressing the Captain “Regarding the USS Lionheart and its fate…” pauses trying to find the correct wording not to be misunderstood “we need to take into consideration that, if we are in the past, every action we undertake will modify to some extent the timeline, hence the future. Even a small action might trigger a number of very diverse and small events that can modify, even significantly, the course of history” he concluded.

“If we are in the past and can save the Lionheart, shouldn’t we? That’s a lot of lives that could be saved,” Nerex suggested.

The Captain then took a minute and replied, "That might be, but I will not send Starfleet Officers to their deaths, if I can prevent it. I know that I am new to this whole Captain job, but we are here now hell with history. I mean, what if we are stuck here?"

Van Der Luan repeated his earlier question "Just how was the ship lost? Do we know it was destroyed, or did it just disappear?"

The Captain replied, the loss of the USS Lionheart is classified. All I know is what I have heard over history. The official word is that they were "lost," and that is what history records. But, the unofficial word is that they are destroyed by unknow forces. Either way, I plan to prevent it...if we can. But I also know that we must protect history. Thus, we must find a work around."

With that the Captain finished,

"I suggest our first course of action is to get ourselves running and then go to see the Lionheart's CO. That means we must board her."

Then before anyone could say anything else, Wells concluded,

"That is what we are going to do..."

Then Wells got up and left the room...


Captain John Wells,
Commanding Officer

Lt. Commander Timber Wolf,
Executive Officer

Lt. Nerex
Flight Control Chief

Commander Yadira Kilrah

Warrant Officer Alake Van Der Luan
CSO | 2nd Officer

Lt. (jg) Hank Solomon


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