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Stepping up

Posted on Mon Sep 27th, 2021 @ 1:40am by Warrant Officer Alake Van Der Luan & Senior Chief Petty Officer Sally Mitchell & Chief Petty Officer John Williams

Mission: The Long Way Home
Location: Deck 3 - Security Offices


[Deck 3 - Security Offices]

"That everything?" Mitchell asked as she placed a couple of folders into the box on the desk.

Van Der Luan tossed a PaDD on top of the rest of the contents.

"Duty rosters, nearly forgot those" He said and took a last look around at the office he had shared with other senior non-commissioned officers in the security division.

"I think that's everything" With his promotion to Chief of Security he now had his own office and Mitchell, who was now the ship's Tactical Officer, was helping him move.

"So who get's the Master at Arm slot?" She asked him.

"I was going to ask you," Van Der Luan replied "I've only been here a month, you know the team better than I do"

Mitchell nodded and looked thoughtful for a moment. "Well, there's Lopez or Williams, both good at their job, both Chiefs, Lopez has seniority.

But, she's trying to get a transfer to Starbase Twenty Three, her fiancé is in Operations there."

"It might be a while before we get back anywhere near Twenty Seven" Van Der Luan reminded her. "Might be a while before we get back anywhere near anywhere, in fact!"

"I know but Maria wants to go have babies, she won't take it" Mitchell replied.

"See I knew you were the right one to ask, you know all the gossip" Van Der Luan grinned.

Mitchell poked her tongue out "It's not gossip, its just good old fashioned girl-talk. Anyway, Williams is a good choice. he knows the job, been a good team leader, been around the block, bit like you."

"Sounds perfect" Van Der Luan said "Let's get him in here"

=^= Van Der Luan to Chief Williams, stop by the Security Office would you =^=

John was in his quarters, working on a report, when his commbadge chirped. It was his CO, Van Der Luan.

=^= Aye sir.=^= He simply said as he got up his chair. A short turbolift ride later, he stepped into the office.

Standing at attention, he spoke up. "Chief Williams, reporting as ordered sir."

"C'mon in Chief" Van Der Luan waved him to a chair, "At ease, take a seat" He sat on the edge of his old desk himself.

John sat down in the chair. "Thank you sir." He said, waiting for what would come next.

"So I'll come straight to the point. With my move up to Chief of Security, there's a vacancy at Master at Arms.

Senior Chief Mitchel recommended you and I trust her judgement. Think you can handle it?"

John thought for a while. "Yes, i think so. I'm ready for more responsibility. I know the ship and the people. Thank you for this opportunity."

He fell silent, but then decided to speak up with something that was on his mind. "But...isn't chief Lopez senior? I wouldn't want there to be hard feelings about this."

Van Der Luan appreciated William's openness, a direct question deserved a direct answer.

"Yes, Lopez has seniority, but you're getting the position and
I have it on good authority" He nodded towards Mitchell "That there will not be any hurt feelings.

I support my people, Senior Chief tells me you're the man for the job that's good enough for me"

He leaned forward and offered his hand "Welcome to the Security leadership team, and this desk" He patted it with his other hand.

John shook his hand, smiling."Thank you."

"Ok straight to business" Van Der Luan continued. "First; I need a nomination to take over your team leader spot.

Second; I want you to check on the phaser targeting repairs, those are a priority, pull anyone you need but I want that done as soon as possible.

Third; standby to take over the Bridge position. The Captain wants to go over to the USS Lionheart, I'll be going with him. You'll take my post on the Bridge while I'm gone.


Making mental notes about all that was said, John shook his head." No sir. I think Johanson could take over for me. She has the training, knowledge and is ready for the next step in her career."

Van Der Luan nodded. "Alright, we'll move Petty Officer Johansen up to team lead"

Williams grabbed a PADD, quickly checking something. "As for the Phaser targeting systems, we got the back-ups running about thirty minutes ago and I estimate the mains should be up and running before the end of the day. We'll pull a double shift if need be."

"Do it, we have no idea where, or when! we are and I don't want us to be caught out" Van Der Luan replied.

"Yes sir. I'll be ready to take over on the bridge."

"Good, alright you can pass on the good news to Johansen. We'll adjust the roster, you're on Alpha shift now. Go to it Master, dismissed" Van Der Luan grinned

John got up. "Thank you sir...But, there's stuff that needs done and I believe this is my desk now...?" He said with a chuckle.

"You are correct" Van Der Luan smiled. "Carry on"


WO E Van Der Luan

SCPO S Mitchell

CPO J Williams


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