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And Away Team We Go!

Posted on Thu Oct 7th, 2021 @ 5:14pm by Warrant Officer Alake Van Der Luan & Senior Chief Petty Officer Sally Mitchell & Captain John Wells & Captain Adam Russell & Commander Yadira Tristan House Kilrah & Lieutenant Commander Timber Wolf & Lieutenant Commander Trevor Andrews LCDR & Lieutenant Nerex & Lieutenant JG Hank Solomon & Lieutenant Dr Kharx MD

Mission: The Long Way Home
Location: USS Eminence & USS Lionheart


[USS Eminence - Bridge]

Five minutes after finishing the briefing the Captain arrived back on the bridge. As he arrived a NE Ensign said,

"Captain, we think you are right. We have indeed traveled back in time to 2158. And if we records are correct, we have about 11 hours before the Lionheart was destroyed."

"Great...that is just great" replied Wells.

"Very well, we need to board that ship. Maybe we can put a stop to all this before its to late--and without interruptions in history."

Looking at the Tactical station, the Captain had communications to the Lionheart connected:

=^=To Commander of the U.S.S Lionheart. This is the Captain of the Federation Starship USS EM...of a Federation Starship, please prepare to received our landing party in one hour.=^=

Then with a look communications were closed.

Turning to the XO and 2nd Officer, the Captain then continued,

"Commander, you will stay here in command of this ship. Keep an eye out for whatever is coming our way--and then make sure we are ready, shields and everything."

Looking at the 2nd Officer, Wells went on...

"Warrant Officer Van Der Luan, put together an away team of six. Let's make sure we have a doctor with us as well. Also, just to make sure that we are not completely going against the timeline, have the quartermaster draw up some time correct uniforms and materials we will need. Make sure one is brought to my quarters. Let's not freak out the crew of the Lionheart until we know what we are going to do."

"Aye sir" Van Der Luan acknowledged

"Commander, you have bridge. I will be in my quarters until the time for the mission" ordered Wells.

Wolf's head spun around looking at Wells, Captain? May I remind you of Starfleet regulations that your place is here and not going off ship. I am capable of taking the AT to the other ship," Wolf said crisply.

"I understand all of that, Commander. But, here, the crew is following my orders, and possibly going against regulations. If it goes wrong--I will take the blame not you. And believe me, the problems will fall on the one in charge of the away team."

Then looking at the commander straight he ordered,

"Therefore, you have your orders. Carry them out."

[USS Lionheart - Bridge]

The proximity alarms and red alert klaxons were still going off. The Lionheart had suffered moderate damage. Enough to make the Excelsior class ship a sitting duck. Captain Russell sat in the center chair considering his next move. This situation wasn't as bad as a few months ago, when they lost more than half of their crew. Now, they were down to a skeleton crew of 147 personnel. However, this was far more delicate. The unknown Federation ship in front of them, looked more advanced, but not enough to look too much out of place. Even so, the other ship was clearly not from around there. Based on the wormhole that had collapsed moments prior. The Lionheart had just been on the edge of the event horizon. The same couldn't be said for the other ship, who hadn't been as lucky for that matter. Either way, the other ship was either from the future, or some top-secret Starfleet project. Russell was beginning to believe that the first option was more true.

"Captain, I am receiving a message from the other ship. They say that they are sending an away team over" reported the ops officer.

Lieutenant Davis, Russell's acting first officer pitched in. "To aide us? It seems they are in worse shape then us."

"My thoughts exactly, number one" Russell agreed. "However, we need to tread carefully. If they are from the future, them beaming over to our ship could violate the temporal prime directive. We should be hesitant on giving, or rather, accepting any information that could change the future."

"What should we do?" Davis questioned.

Russell sighed. This wasn't his first rodeo. But it sure was a complicated one. "Ops, notify the other ship that they can beam directly to the transporter room. In the meantime, I will go meet our "guests". You have the bridge, Mister Davis."

"Aye Captain" he said as his CO walked off the bridge towards the Lionheart's transporter room.

[USS Eminence - Deck 4 - Engineering]

Assist. CEO, LCDR. Trevor S. Andrews, " Everything seem to be in one piece, CDR. Tristan. But whether it works is another matter. Sir." Reported Assist. CEO, LCDR. Andrews, crisply reported.

When he found the CDR. helping others pull Eng. Officer, Lt.jg, Lawson out of a 'Jefferey's Tube' she was inspecting when "Whatever Happened" Happened. LCDR, Andrews changed 'Mental Focus' and filing what found assessing the Engineering area until later., asking, "Do I need to 'Head-Com", Sickbay, sir?", adding, "I can have her point to point beamed if necessary." Andrews, suggested helpfully.

"Not necessarily, her injuries are not life threatening. Have her report to sickbay on her own. I need you here to assist with diagnostics. I have a hunch the XO is going to insist that he goes on the AT" Tristen said smiling at Cmdr. Andrew's. "Oh by the way, down here you can drip the rank and just call me Yadira. Sits better if you get my drift," she added.

"You Heard The CDR, Lt.jg, Lawson, please report to Sickbay ASAP." LCDR said politely to the Lt.jg.
She acknowledged the request and left for the nearest lift.

"Aye, Aye, Yadira. You call me 'Trev' or 'Andy', whichever you prefer." Trev said acknowledging her request, "Where do suggest we start, like I said It all appears to be in one piece, but...", he adding spreading his arms in a 'Where do WE Begin!?!" gesture.
While LCDR Trevor Andrews awaits a Reply from Yadira. He as usual was monitoring "everything" on the USS Eminence including the ship's Bio-Monitoring of the Crew, via the Ship's Main Frame.
Among Them: The Bio-Monitoring sub-functions, that helps keep track of the where-abouts of the ship's, crew, which also 'works' the constant computer Monitoring of the location of their Comm Badges.
So that they could be located as needed by whoever needed to find them for whatever reason.
Plus, comparing This Information, with All the Bio-Markers on the ship to help It decide whether do "Things" Like "Signal" an Intruder Alert, for example.
In short, he was checking-up on how Eng. Officer, Lt.jg, Lawson, was doing, as well as helping Andrews to decide when to comm-'badge' the Capt. to ask if Engineering needed send someone and/or something to 'aid' the USS Lionheart's situation.

[USS Eminence - Bridge]

Tasked by the Captain with forming the Away team Van Der Luan selected personnel from the various divisions and tapped his commbadge.

=^=The following personnel report to Transporter Room One for uniform change and away mission. Commander Tristan; Lieutenants Nerex and Solomon; and Doctor Kharx =^=

Four Officers, himself and the Captain, that made six as ordered.

Nerex signaled his replacement to take over the helm on the Bridge, and then reported to Transporter Room One. He wondered if they would do anything to conceal his Romulan heritage, or if he would be pretending to be Vulcan. Either way, he was glad to be near the action.

Being the science officer on the bridge, Solomon nodded to Van Der Luan “Yes sir” He simply added acknowledging the order before leaving the bridge to get himself prepared to board the Lionheart and meet the rest of the away team in the Transporter Room.

=^= Kharx acknowledges =^= The Doctor replied from Sickbay.

Once they had checked in Van Der Luan handed over the security panel to Williams and headed for the turbolift himself.

"All yours" He gave Williams a smile as he left.

[USS Eminence - Transporter Room One]

Van Der Luan entered, tugging a little at the old style uniform to get it to fit right. He carried a phaser in a holster on his right hip, hopefully he would not need it and nobody on the Lionheart would notice it was different to theirs.

He was running through likely events in his mind, hoping to be prepared for what they would encounter on the other ship.

Assuming they really had time-travelled, it would be important to be guarded in their interactions with the other crew. Temporal anomalies could play havoc with the time line and alter their own reality.

"Got the coordinates set?" He asked the technician at the console.

"Yes sir, they're transporter room. And I'll keep a lock on you all once you're over there" She replied

"Good," Van Der Luan nodded "Not expecting any issues but it doesn't hurt to be ready"

He moved over and took a place on the transporter pads to await the arrival of the others.

About this time Wells walked into the transporter room, "I hate this uniform. How did these people wear these things?" Moving into position, the Captain took his spot.

"Everyone, when we get to the other ship, let me do the talking, please. It is my neck on the line."

Doctor Kharx came in next.

"Well this is exciting, boarding a vessel lost in time" She said as she joined Van Der Luan on the pad, she wore a medical smock over her own old style uniform and carried an emergency medical kit.

"I get to use this too" She held up an outdated medical tricorder and smiled. "Almost an antique"

Nerex silently entered the transporter room and took his place on the pad. The uniforms they wore were odd to him, since they were both Federation and out of style. He nervously awaited the last of the away team.

“Good evening Sirs” Solomon greeted entering the transporter room one. He sported an old-style science officer uniform that was supposedly worn by the Lionheart’s crew.

Joining the rest of the away team he briefly caught the doctor’s excitement and could not avoid correcting her.

“Technically speaking, Doctor, WE are lost in time and bumped into their timeline” merely pointing out the circumstances.

His expression was somewhat able to conceal his uneasiness in this situation, but he was all but at ease with the events.

“It has been ages since my last employment on an away team” he muttered double checking his tools and instruments. “and I don’t like all this timeline thing at all” he concluded taking place on the transporter pad and nodding a “I’m ready” to the transporter technician.

"Okay, then, let's get this show on the road."

"Transporter chief, "Now"

The controls were pressed and the bodies of the away team were soon moved into the transporter room of the USS Lionheart.


USS Eminence:

Captain John Wells,

Commander Yadira Tristan House Kilrah

Lieutenant Commander Timber Wolf

Lieutenant Commander Trevor Andrews

Lieutenant Nerex

Lieutenant Dr Kharx MD

Lieutenant Junior Grade Hank Solomon

Warrant Officer A Van Der Luan

USS Lionheart:

Captain Adam Russell


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