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The Lionheart (Part 2)

Posted on Mon Nov 8th, 2021 @ 5:51pm by Captain John Wells & Lieutenant Commander Trevor Andrews & Lieutenant Nerex & Lieutenant JG Hank Solomon & Master Chief Petty Officer Alake Van Der Luan
Edited on on Tue Nov 9th, 2021 @ 4:08am

Mission: The Long Way Home
Location: Unknown


[USS Lionheart]

A few hours had passed since the Eminence had traveled back in time. The Away Team had returned to the ship, except for Captain Wells and Warrant Officer Van Der Luan who remained on the Lionheart to try and coordinate what was coming. Wells could not help but feel like history was being made before him--and just like thousands of commanders before--it was not the battle he dreaded---it was the unknown.

Could his crew save this ship? Or would history simply repeat itself and how would the Eminence's presence affect the outcome that was currently known?

Seeing Warrant Officer Van Der Luan and Captain Russell together, Wells walked up to the two men and asked,
"Report gentleman--will we be ready on time?"

"We've assisted the Captain and his crew as much as we can in the time Sir" Van Der Luan responded. "The repairs are not perfect, but they should last as long as is needed."

He was still in the dark as to what fate had previously befallen the Lionheart, so had prioritized defensive and offensive systems, phasers and shields; structure integrity, power management; then maneuvering, impulse engines and thrusters. They had not had long, but he hoped it was enough for whatever was to come...

"Aside from the Lionhearts main systems, my departments, or at least the remainder of them, are ready for anything. I have also prepared my crew for what is to come. Whether we succeed or face our destined fate, myself and my crew are prepared to defend ourselves from whatever is out there, to the very end" Russel spoke.

After hearing the reports, Captain Wells said, "Very well. I guess it is time to tell you both. Frankly, I am not sure what is coming. The reports I have read are---at best---fragmented. But from what I can tell Starfleet concluded that this ship was destroyed by enemy fire. However, what history does not record is who was firing, nor does it say why. If Starfleet knows they kept it very close to the vest. Now you both know all I know" exclaimed Wells.

[USS Eminence - Bridge]

The Executive Officer was in command while Captain Wells remained on the Lionheart to assist that ship to be ready for the battle that was to come.

Nerex was studying navigational charts from the area and comparing the data with new scans from the science bridge station. He was looking for any evidence of another black hole or that the “Eminence Tunnel”, as Nerex had taken to referring to it as, would reappear. So far, he wasn’t having any luck.

“Why is there no record of it already existing in this timeline?” Nerex wondered aloud.

As Nerex continued to study the Eminence Tunnel, sensors found a way to possibly recreate the vent horizon that brought the Eminence into this time. The issue was the ship would have to be far away from any disturbance and how could the crew be certain that they would return to the same time and place they left? Moreover, the ship could not be two places at once and time to recreate the event was just a little short of the time needed to save the Lionheart. In short, it appeared, at present, the choice was either save the other ship, or go home.

“Commander,” Nerex called out to Timber Wolf. “If these readings and calculations are correct, we can recreate the event that brought us here. However, I am not 100% certain we can get back to the exact place and time that we want to and even if we could, the limited time frame we have available would not allow us to also be here to save the Lionheart. We have to decide whether we will stay to save the Lionheart or try to go home.”

"Very well. Keep working on the problem,” said the Executive Officer.

Tactical was setting up the ship for combat.


Engineering was working the shields and away to enhance the Lionheart's shields without giving them new technology.
Assist. CEO, LCDR, Trevor A. Andrews, said hopefully, "Well, Yadira, it looks like I've found a way to up-grade the Lionheart's Shields and Weapons without giving away any advance Tech. But since we don 't know what they are going to run into....I don't Know how much It's going to help them."

CEO, CDR Yadira Tristan Kilrah, replied just as hopefully, "Andy, I'll trust you've covered all the Bases. So, I'll send their Engineering Department the Info., as is. I just hope they have time to implement It."
Andrews, in short, then patched through both ship's comm. systems. So CDR Kilrah could talk directly to Lionheart Engineering Section.

" This is USS Eminence to USS Lionheart Engineering Section Officer on Duty. CEO. CDR Yadira Kilrah speaking. Do You Read."

She paused extremely briefly, "I Repeat. This is USS Eminence to USS Lionheart Engineering Section Officer on Duty. CEO. CDR Yadira Kilrah speaking. Do You Read."
"This is Lt. Rivka Santo, Commander, read, you 5 by 5." Replied On Duty Officer Lt. Santo, on the Lionheart.
"What Have You got for Us."

Knowing that the Eminence was working on a "Care Package".
Lt. Santo. put CDR Kilrah on open comm. in Engineering and and in other 'appropriate' sections of the ship, with orders to do what the CDR suggests and to consult back with her, Lt. Santo, on personal comms., to keep to the speakers open, if there were "ANY" Questions Any!

So, Lt. said simply, "You are on the Box, Sir, let us Have It."

The Commander did just that, because that's the Way Assist. CEO, Andrews wrote IT Step by Step.
And that's the way Lt. Santos and Her Team did IT. Knowing Full Well the Clock was Running on Them. Hoping they had enough time....


Science was studying how the Eminence arrived in this time and was exploring how to get back to their own time. After all, even if the two ships survive the coming battle, Captain Wells and his crew cannot remain in the past.

Solomon left the bridge to the second watch and was in the science lab working hard trying to analyze the data recovered and recorded by the Eminence’s sensor array at the initial encounter with the space anomaly that brought the ship back in time.

“If only we can gather which conditions initially created the anomaly” he was saying while analyzing the data.

“Lieutenant” another science officer called for his attention “If the initial opening of this wormhole in this specific part of the area is still a mystery, we might find a different wormhole somewhere else” she offered.

Hank slightly tilted his head on the side “Well, possibly yes, but we will never be able to define where – and when - we will end out.” he scratched his light beard before explaining himself better “Generally speaking the energy density in certain regions of space can be negative relative to the ordinary matter and energy. Hence a difference of polarity in matter allows for the creation of vacuum tunnels that can be navigated in time. Even in the same place a difference in the matter being vacuumed might result in a tunnel that shows a different depth hence that will bring us in a different timeline. If we find another wormhole in a different area of space, it could bring us in an even different timeline.” he concluded.

“So we need to wait for something that shows up in this area of the space, where the matter density is the same of when we arrived?” she asked the senior officer.

Solomon nodded “indeed, ensign” he kept scrolling data stored in his PADD.

“We could end up waiting forever” she responded almost shocked.

“There’s still a possibility” he offered “A huge difference in matter density can be obtained with a huge matter anti-matter explosion”

“A warp-core explosion?” she paused “If so then a ship shall explode in this area!”

Solomon only nodded in acknowledgement without adding much more.


Medical was preparing for the injured that was about to come. Every battle had a human cost, the question was, was this battle worth it?

Kharx had sent the Lionheart all the extra medical supplies they could spare and now she prepared her own facilities for whatever was going to happen next.

"Computer, active the Emergency Medical Holographic program." A minute later 'the doctor' appeared.

"Please state the nature of the medical emergency..."

"We are about to go into a nasty battle and need your ready, then we are going to try and travel back in time" said a distant voice.

"I am not programed for prep....." came the reply...

(The Battle To Come)

A few minutes later a ship, bigger than anyone had ever seen appeared, almost out of nowhere...

"To the identified ships ahead, we are the Olasky clan, and you have entered our space. We never want anyone to know of our existence and the only way to prevent that is death! Prepare to die!

Suddenly they launched fighters and armed their weapons. Both ships were out gunned and outmanned. Scans would show that the Olansky had a crew of over 700 on the ship.

(On Board The Eminence)

The Executive Officer gave the order...

"Shields up....arm weapons..."

"This is the USS Eminence, and we are part of the United Federation of Planets. We mean you no harm, but we will defend ourselves. Please standout and let us work this out. For every problem there is a solution,” said the Executive Officer.

A minute went by and the small crafts began firing on the ships.

"Return fire...."

A NE Ensign then said,

"Commander, with the shields up how do we get the captain and the rest of the landing party back?"

The Commander thought for a minute and replied,

"I do not know..."

Nerex spoke up. “Do we need them back now? Give me a shuttle and two seconds of lowered shields, and I’ll go after them.”

“At this moment in time, we must protect the ship. The Captain and the rest of the landing party are on their own for now….” Replied the Commander.

Without Permission and without warning Assist. CEO. Trevor-"A” for "Android" - Andrews appeared on the USS Eminence's Bridge.

" Hold Your 'Jumpers' Lt. Nerex, there isn't enough time." Andrews voice came in over the Bridge's Deck-wide Comm. Link Speaker, as his full persona resolved into completeness.

The fully 'beaming' resolved LCDR, Andrews, continued,

"With your permission, LCDR, Timber Wolf. With my help by remotely modulating The Ship's Transport System, I can simultaneously Beam Them into The Main Transporter Systems Pattern Buffer, to be "slowly" & Safely Resolved Now or later provided the System isn't compromised. So, I suggest now, Sir.

While I Beam any number of Photon Torpedoes on to Their bridge. If, You want through Their Very Primitive by our standards Shields. Just give the Order. Sir."

LCDR Andrews stood awaiting His orders from LCDR, Timber Wolf, presently Commanding the USS Eminence NCC 90008.
“Stand by” replied the Commander.
Meanwhile on The Lionheart:

Capt. Russell Ordered, " Shields Up and FIRE!"
Juist as Lt. Santos and Engineering was putting the Finishing Touches on The Shields and as They had put the Finishing Touches on "Odd" numbers of the Ship's Phaser Banks. So, they have something ready "When The Shooting Started".
While loading the Ship's Photon Torpedo Tubes. They "activated the rest of Ship's Phaser Bank.

"Direct hit Captain. But our weapons had very little effect. Their shields are at 95% and holding" reported the officer at tactical.
"Understood. Captain Wells, how do you and your people plan on returning to the Eminence?" Russell asked.
“Assuming that is becomes safe…yes…but not until then. I told the Commander that the ship came before us. We knew Risks when we stayed…” responded Wells.

(During The Battle)

Suddenly everything froze, expect for Captain Wells…who found himself in another place.

“What is going on?” asked Wells.

A man approached wearing a Starfleet Uniform that could only be described as from the future.

“Do not be afraid, Captain. I am Captain Marco from the time ship Ohio. We are from your very distant future. Our job is to ensure that time goes as it is supposed to. Captain, you, and your crew were never supposed to be sent on your mission, nor were you ever supposed to be put into this battle. It was classified to protect time itself. You cannot save the Lionheart, she was destroyed long, long ago” the man said.

Wells spoke up,

“How do I know you are telling me the truth. After all, you could be some alien trying to change time or something….”

The man smiled and said,

“We could be, but then why would we show you our ship? Why would we attempt to explain? No, Captain, everything is just as we said it is. Now, I will return you, and your crew, to the your time, just before you left on your mission. No one, including you will have any memory if that has occurred here, and we will make sure that your mission changes.”

“So what you are saying is that you are going to change time yourself…interfere with our ability to make up our own minds” replied Wells.

“No, Captain, we will ensure that you, and your crew, go on the missions you were meant to be sent on. There is a rich history ahead of your ship. We want to ensure that your ship and crew go on the missions that they are meant to experience. Goodbye, Captain, and Good luck” said the man as he started to fade away.

Just then a transporter type beam grabbed Captain Wells, and everything faded to white. Then suddenly…..

(Earth Space Dock)

An Ensign started to speak…

“Captain Wells, sir, your new command…….”


Captain John Wells,
Commanding Officer,
USS Eminence

Lt. Commander Trevor Andrews

Captain Adam Russell,
Commanding Officer,
USS Lionheart

Commander Yadira H. Kilrah

Lt. Commander Timber Wolf,
Executive Officer

Lt. Nerex

Lt. (Jg.) Hank Solomon

Warrant Officer Alaka Van De Luan,
Second officer

Dr. Kharz, M.D.


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