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The Lionheart (Part One)

Posted on Wed Oct 20th, 2021 @ 1:36am by Lieutenant Commander Trevor Andrews & Captain John Wells & Commander Yadira Tristan House Kilrah & Lieutenant Commander Timber Wolf & Lieutenant Nerex & Lieutenant JG Hank Solomon & Master Chief Petty Officer Alake Van Der Luan
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Mission: The Long Way Home
Location: USS Lionheart & USS Eminence
Timeline: Appropriate


[USS Eminence: Bridge]

=^= Captain and the Away Team safely transported =^= The technician reported to the Bridge, where the Executive Officer and other division staff were now in post and monitoring.

"Understood. Continue monitoring the captain's bio signal and AT members. First sign of danger bring them back!" Wolf said to the technician

[USS Eminence:Engineering]

Andrews, on reaching The USS Eminence Bridge Engineering Station.

He immediately suggests that the Damage Assessment Team (DAT) start with the: Mater/Antimatter Reactor System and immediate connected systems and Continue Branching-Out from there. Since It still seemed to be powering the Eminences, and not the Ship's back-up systems, so, IT would stay that way.

He also just remembered something about the USS Lionheart circa 2158 and 2385. The First from his old ABathu Friend Che Herrera Squeazal, from his days on the USS Montana NCC 1889. Something Che had told him in his rambling about past adventures before Andrews boarding the USS Eminence.

He recalled, the later date 2385 from Starfleet data bank records about a USS Lionheart NCC-73808 being converted. It's a Nova-class vessel modified to function as a medical cruiser.

He filed the later reference and tried to recall the 'earlier' one something about the USS Lionheart circa 2158.

[ USS Lionheart: Transporter room]

"They are coming aboard now sir" The Transport Chief reported to Russell, as six figures materialized on the transporter pads.

Adam examined the away team as they beamed in. He felt uneasy, like something was up, but he couldn't quite put his finger on it. Perhaps it was the other ship's presence here. Or the anomaly. He wasn't sure. Not yet at least.

As the team from the Eminence appeared it was clear who the Captain was....

Van Der Luan looked around, a normal transporter room, with a technician and tall mid-forties Male Human in Command red and Captain's pips whom he presumed to be the Lionheart's commander.

Karhx stood quietly, a wide Denobian smile fixed to her face

Nerex stood stoically, trying his best to give off Vulcan vibes. He was prepared for a suspicious greeting from the Lionheart.

Tristan was somewhat surprised and left in awe. Here was a Nova class ship that went with a refit toake her into a Medical ship. How in the world did they manage that?

Solomon stood still studying the Lionheart's transporter room and the officers that were in the area, waiting for the captain to take the lead.

Captain Russell stepped towards the away team and extended a hand to the commander of the other ship. "Captain Adam Russell. Commanding Officer of the Lionheart. To whom do I have the pleasure of speaking to?"

Taking his hand, a response came...

"Captain John Wells, USS Emm... Eminence. We are on a deep space probe at the moment" replied Wells.

Pointing to the back he continued, "these are my officers and we are here to help anyway we can. That said, Captain, maybe you and I should talk somewhere private?"

He looked at the away team and back at Wells. "Is my ready room alright?" In these circumstances, private conversations between COs were more or less normal. But, he had a small idea of what it was about.

He smiled and responded,

"Your ready room would be great. I hope we can get a drink there too, I am thirsty right now" replied Wells as he followed the Captain to his ready room.

[USS Lionheart: Captain's Ready Room]

Van Der Luan and the rest of the Away Team trailed after Wells and Russell as they made their way through the ship, up to the Bridge and then into the Ready Room. It was a little crowded with all of them in there.

Still in awe, Yadira was honored to be on her.

Nerex was amazed at the history he was witnessing, being inside a Federation starship from so long ago. He was already thinking about telling the story to others he knew back in Romulan territory. He had made an effort to identify which bridge position was which on the way through to the ready room.

With firm pace Solomon kept tailing the Captain and the rest of the away team till the conference room. During his brief walk he kept marveling at the ship's interior and instruments. He felt like walking in history.

The Captain looked at Van Der Lun and said, "Warrant Officer, take the rest of the away team and see if you guys can offer help to get this ship ready. Take one team to assist engineering and let's us another and help them get their shields and weapons up. Keep in mint that we only have a few hours left."

Once his crew had left, Captain Wells turned to Captain Russell and started,

"Capt. Russell, there is no easy way to say this, but my ship was accidently put here by a blackhole. But we are from 2399. According to our records, and some of them are classified and hard to get into you, you, your ship, and crew, vanish. The hush-hush talk has always been that your ship was destroyed by an enemy force. Since the other ship was never found, we also assume you destroy each other. That said, we are here for some reason--whatever that is I don't know---but I will not stand by and allow your ship to simply be lost. Together, we will face whatever it is that you are supposed to face--and we will overcome the odds. We are Starfleet."

After he was done, he went quiet to give Captain Russell time to take all of this information into account.

He took in the information that he was given. It took him a few moments to process what he had been told. He was suspicious of the Eminence's presence, because of the design on the ship, and the anomaly. As it turned out his suspicion was correct.

To add to the situation, the Lionheart was supposed to be destroyed within less than a day. The Lionheart was a strong vessel, even if she was an Excelsior and with a very small skeleton crew. There were at least a dozen theories on what could happen to the ship in his mind, and there could be dozens more he could speculate later. But this was a delicate situation. "To be honest Captain, I'm not all that surprised. But why are you telling me this. With all due respect Captain, you are technically violating the temporal prime directive by telling me this information. But then again, we're well past that already."

He sat down and replied,

"To be honest, I do not care. We are here for a reason. Maybe it is fate, maybe we were sent her by accident or something else is gong on. To be honest, I do not care. We are going to help you and we will note sit back and do nothing. We are going to help you. If that changes history, again, I do not care. Okay?"

[USS Eminence: Bridge]

While at the Bridge's Engineering Station Andrews is monitoring the progress of the DAT. He Finally Remembers what his olde' friend Che Herrera Squeazal said about the USS Lionheart circa 2158.

That It disappeared, actually officially listed in Star Fleet Records as "Missing While on Assignment".

He then thought to himself, "If, We don't get moving We'll be listed the same way."

Since the DAT had yet to encounter a problem needing Andrew's help he continued among other things, like waiting to hear from the Capt. or Yadira if one or both needed any help from Engineering.

He continued to Ponder the fate of the USS Lionheart circa 2158.

The Engineering Damage Assessment Teams continually report in to Andrews at the USS Eminence' Bridge Engineering Station, that nothing major has been found but that the Ship and all systems should go through a Major Shipyard
Inspection as soon as they get back to their own time period.

In short, Andrews judges, that there's nothing worth bothering the person in the center chair with yet.

So, he monitors the stability of the ship in General; also of the Worm Hole.

He also, wishes that he had access to " The Guardian of Forever", circa The USS Eminence's 'normal time frame' so they could find out how all of this turns out.

Suddenly Andrews became conscious of a old long ago filed sub routine running in his brain.

It dealt with 'Away Team Safety' protocol 59-a-Gamma-T1. It was from his original Activation Data Base. It involved the Safety of Away Teams in general, but Command Away Teams Specifically.
It called Monitoring Away Teams' Personal Communicators at all times, for possible need of Emergency Aid, especially, in dangerous situations.

In short, his back-up Memory had been Monitoring; Recording; and Threat Assessing the USS Eminence's Away Team's Communicators.
Thus, given the instability of the "Worm Hole", his brain brought their conversations, to his attention.

Now, Andrews had to decide whether he directly communicates with the Captain's communicator.

[To be Continued...]


USS Eminence:

Captain John Wells,


CMDR Y Tristan

LCDR T Andrews

Lt Nerex

LT Kharx MD

LT JG H Solomon

WO A Van Der Luan

USS Lionheart:

Captain A Russell

( Stay Tuned Folks for [USS Eminence] The Long Way Home - The Lionheart (Part Two) )


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