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Chief of the Boat

Posted on Sat Nov 13th, 2021 @ 4:23pm by Master Chief Petty Officer Henry Reagan & Captain John Wells & Lieutenant Brakon Ryal & Master Chief Petty Officer Alake Van Der Luan

Mission: Why Do Things Seem Different?
Location: Space Dock Earth orbit & USS Eminence


[Space Dock, Earth orbit]

Henry looked out the 'window' at the spherical shape of the Earth. He sighed, it had been years since he had been back to Earth. In fact he had taken his Enlisted Command Training at a satellite academy on Andoria. He took one more look at Earth and then grabbed his Duffle and headed

Henry had only arrived several hours before getting word that the USS Eminence was docking. Henry was excited, it would be his first Saber Class ship he'd ever been on. He had served on a Nova, and even an Intrepid, but never something as small as a Saber.

He made his way to the Docking hatch the Eminence was at, PADD in hand and his eyes childlike with anticipation.

[USS Eminence - Main Hatch]

Van Der Luan was doing his rounds as Master At Arms, checking on the various Security personnel on duty. As the ship was docked within the massive internal hanger of Space Dock, after their final shake-down cruise, there were not many, a standard patrol team on the ship and a sentry at the main hatch checking on new personnel transferring aboard.

He was chatting with the Security Officer when another senior non-commissioned officer approached the hatch, a Senior Chief Petty Officer in Command Red.

"Good morning Senior Chief" The Security Officer greeted the man. "ID and transfer PaDD please"

"Good morning Master Chief." Henry said as he handed the man his PADD with his transfer orders.

Van Der Luan stuck out his hand to the new man. "Morning, Alake Van Der Luan, Master At Arms" He introduced himself while the sentry ran the Chief's identification and orders. "Welcome to the ship"

"Thank you Master Chief. It's definitely a fine ship." Henry stated as he shook the man's hand.

"Chief Reagan is our new COB, Master" The sentry informed Van Der Luan, returning Reagan his identification, orders PaDD and an Eminence commbadge.

Van Der Luan nodded. "Good to have you COB, I'll take you up to see the Captain"

Henry took the commbadge, placed it on his uniform and then took his PADD.

"Aye Master Chief. Lead the way." Henry said with a slight grin.

"Right this way" Van Der Luan smiled back.

[Bridge & CO's Ready Room]

"- loading of stores and supplies are on schedule sir and the rest of the new personnel transfers should be aboard within the next three days" Brakon finished his report.

Wells was listening to everything going on around him. He had been in Stafleet for a long time, but this was his very first command. He knew that to be totally successful he would have to rely on this crew members that had seen much more spacetime than him. Captain was a rank that was given for time in service and to those that showed the ability to perform their duties. Enlisted members had truly earned their ranks with blood, sweat, and tears.

There was a chime from the door and Van Der Laun appeared accompanied by a Senior Chief.

"Captain, sir. " He nodded to Wells and Brakon "This is Senior Chief Petty Officer Reagan " He stepped aside, allowed Reagan to enter, nodded his respects again and withdrew.

Reagan stepped inside and snapped to a crisp attention, "Sir, Senior Chief Reagan reporting as ordered."

"Greetings, senior chief, and welcome to the ship. I am glad to have such experience in my crew. I will come to rely on your skills, time in rate, and experience to make our mission a success" said Captain Wells.

Just like everything else since he had arrived at his new command, Wells could not shake the feeling that he had been here, in this moment, and done this all before. Where the feelings were coming from was unknown to Wells, but it was there. That said, he did not comment on it to the crew least they think he was not fit for command.

"Sir, I am at the Captain's disposal." Reagan said with a nod.

"Welcome aboard Senior Chief" Brakon greeted their new senior crewman.

Brakon had learned early on in his career to listen and trust the advice of the veteran NCOS. This man had more than double his own service, that experience and knowledge was a resource he intended to use.

"We've got the makings of a good crew here, some experienced hands, but a lot of new people coming in after the refit. We are expecting our first assignment any day now, so will be looking to you to get them in line and up to speed as soon as possible"

Henry nodded to the Lieutenant, "Aye sir. Are there any areas that need more attention than others? Specific departments that will need higher attention than the others sir?"

"We don't yet have a Chief of Operations, so that division would be a priority" Brakon replied. "As you're aware Operations are the backbone of the ship, the Bosum and Quartermaster are good people but we'd like you to oversee the division until we get a Chief.

"We're also building a Hazard Team for special assignments, we think your experience would be an asset to the team if you're interested?"

"Ops I can definitely do sir. My last several posting have been in either Engineering or Operations sir. I'm well versed. As for a Hazard Team, what kind of duties would that entail? Are we talking hazard as in material or hazards as in enemy and potential biological threats to the crew and ship?" Henry asked

"Primarily Hazards as in threats to the ship or crew. It's a new concept on the ship but we are envisioning a small team that will support our primary mission as an escort and scout" Brakon explained.

"Some of our assignments may involve interdicting other ships, in that situation we would hope to deploy the Hazard Team as a specialized Boarding Party. The flip side of that being an Anti-Boarding team to protect the Eminence herself.

There may also be an Away Team role, if we need to, say, assault a planetary installation, or provide an escort and protection detail.

We'd like to build a group of personnel trained and equipped to deal with emergency situations we can foresee and to be ready for those we cant...

We think you can help us build such a team Chief"

Henry thought for a moment before speaking, "Well sir, I am interested, but my knowledge on security and boarding/anti-boarding procedures are sub-par at best. I would be more than willing to run through some additional training with security to boost my knowledge, plus I'm sure I can find enough journals and manuals in the computer to supplement any deficiencies I may have."

"That works Chief, we want a team of specialists who can train and work together to handle difficult tasks. " Brakon replied, impressed with the man's honesty.

"We'll be bringing in our Security Chief, Lieutenant Miller, to handle additional security and tactical training, I'm sure she can get everyone up the required level.

Any other questions for the Captain and I?"

"Negative sir. I'm ready to drop my gear and get my duty roster so I can get to work." Henry shifted his duffle a bit on his shoulder, "If there's nothing else sirs."

"One more thing Mister Reagan" Wells lifted a small box from his desk, flipped the lid open and slid it over towards Reagan.

"Personnel informed me your were overdue for these and looking at your record I fully concur"

The box contained Master Chief insignia. "It's my pleasure to promote you to Master Chief Petty Officer as Chief of the Boat"

Wells stood and offered his hand. "Congratulations Master Chief"

Henry looked at the box with surprise, "Thank you sir."
He took the box and looked at the rank insignia, "Honestly didn't think I would ever make it to Master Chief, sirs. As you know from my record, I tend to speak honestly...."
Henry cleared his throat remembering he was in the presence of officers and then took his CO's hand, "Thank you again sir."

Brakon did likewise. "Of course it will be a couple of months before Personnel remember to fix your pay rate too" He said with a grin. "Welcome aboard Master Chief"

"Thank you sir." Henry replied taking the Lieutenant's hand and shaking it.

With his dismissal Henry left the bridge and headed down two decks to deck three. He wandered the corridor briefly before coming across his berthing, opened the hatch and entered his room.

He looked around the small room and noted his bed to his left, and a head off to his right. A sofa sat near the foot of his bed with a work desk on the wall near the entrance to the head.

"Ah, one of the many perks of a Master Chief I suppose," Henry mused, "A room to myself."

Even as a Senior Chief Petty Officer he had had to share a room with a couple of the other Senior Chiefs, but now Henry had a room to himself. A small room albeit, but it was his room.

Henry sat down his duffle by his bed and resolved to put his gear away in a few minutes. He moved over to his desk and sat down the box that had his new rank in it. He took a long hard look at his new rank and then put them on his uniform. He had finally made it. He was a Master Chief.


Capt John Wells

Lt Brakon Ryal

MCPO Henry Reagan


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