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MD 1 - Security - New Assigment

Posted on Wed Jan 12th, 2022 @ 7:11pm by Lieutenant Brakon Ryal & Captain John Wells & Lieutenant Tosh Tarkin

Mission: Dark Star Trilogy - M1: Star Fall
Location: Spacedock & COs Ready Room
Timeline: BACKPOST - 0645hrs


[COs Ready Room - 0645Hours]

Brakon entered and crossed to Well's desk. "Some bad news Captain. Lieutenant Miller has requested urgent shore leave, a family emergency...

That would leave us short a Security Chief on our first mission, so I've contacted Space Dock Personnel, they have managed to find one in transit quarters, who was awaiting reassignment, a Lieutenant Tarkin. They should be here shortly"

"Okay then, I will trust that this new security chief is the best person for the job."

The one thing that Captain Wells never liked ~ but he would not voice it ~ was selecting new officers. He did not like it as an XO and he hates it even more as a CO. Wells would rather someone else do the choosing and he just adapt to the change. Of course, again, he could never tell anyone of these feelings.

"Without knowing the officer concerned sir, I can say they are the best person available at short notice.." Brakon replied wryly

[Space Dock - Transit Officer's Quarters - 0615hours ]

There was a chime on Tarkin's temporary quarters' door. Having been aboard spacedock for the past several mind-numbing days, Tosh had seen just about every square inch of habitual space aboard the facility. His guest quarters were clean - neat and orderly as he kept everything, though clearly lived in. Still, they did not have the hominess of permanent living quarters.

When opened a Yeoman stood there, she handed over a PaDD. Tosh had accepted the PaDD, giving it a quick glance as he skimmed through the pertinent information. He was finally being given an assignment.

"Lieutenant Tarkin, Sir. You have an assignment, the USS Eminence is in urgent need of a Chief Security and Tactical Officer.

He did not crack a smile, not even a slight glisten, but underneath the stoic gaze and affirmative nod, he was blistering from excitement. Finally, he would be back amongst the stars and making a difference rather than taking leisurely strolls and sampling the replicator's 'finest' that the spacedock had to offer.

"Thank you, Yeoman," he replied to the enlisted woman pleasantly enough. He appreciated her promptness and delivering him his orders directly. Lieutenant Tosh Tarkin was still getting used to the added weight of a second solid rank pip on his collar, having the 'hollow' replaced what seemed like yesterday to him, but quite some time had actually passed.

As he finished skimming through the orders, ensuring that it was not a mixup and that he was indeed going to the USS Eminence, Tosh looked at the yeoman. "Where is the USS Eminence?"

She's moored on pylon twelve. Captain John Wells will be expecting you in... " She checked her chronometer ".. exactly forty-five minutes, sir!"

Tosh had an expression best described as 'a deer in headlights' and looked at the woman. They certainly aren't one for giving a guy forewarning thought Tosh.

He cleared his throat and quickly excused himself "Well then," Tosh said crisply. "I cannot be reporting to the Captain with my best joggers and jumper. I best get changed. Thank you, Yeoman..." he replied, uncertain what the woman's name was.

"Yes sir" She gave him a smile and departed

[CO's Ready Room - 0700Hours]

The trip through the spacedock and onto the starship Eminence had been an interesting one, but rather quick. It needed to be if he was going to meet with the Captain on time, and Tosh was not one to ever be late.

Dressed in a fresh uniform, one that was in line with the current design worn by the crew of the USS Eminence, Lieutenant Tarkin had exited the turbolift and briskly walked towards the Captain's Ready Room. He caught a faint glimpse of his reflection on the doors of the Ready Room. He looked presentable, at least he hoped that his new Commanding Officer would find him to be.

Tosh did not have time to read up nor study the USS Eminence, only that it was a Sabre class which he say from the orders on the PaDD and was reaffirmed when he stepped aboard the smaller starship.

Unfortunately, the same could be said about the Captain and First Officer. Tosh was walking in blindly to who he was about to meet with and be serving under for ideally sometime into the future. Part of him had envisioned what this Captain Wells would look like and in Tosh's head, Wells was a Human male, approximately forty-some-odd years old or maybe older, a Dominion War veteran.

Lieutenant Tarkin was about to be surprised, and Tosh hated surprises. He leaned forward and pressed the chime for the Captain's Ready Room, notifying the man inside that his Chief Tactical Officer had arrived right on time.

"Come in" came the response to the chime.

Tosh gave his uniform a tug before crossing the threshold of the doorway. The doors had parted ways, and the lieutenant came about. "Lieutenant Tosh Tarkin reporting for duty, Sirs," he said to both the officers "My orders to report," the man added as he handed over a PaDD.

Brakon took the PADD from the Trill and passed it over to Wells.

Captain Wells took the PADD and read its contents.

While Well's viewed the PADD Brakon asked. "I appreciate this is short notice Mister Tarkin, perhaps you could give us a quick rundown on your experience and past assignments?"

Tosh nodded. "Well, I just underwent advanced tactical training. I have served on two prior starships, the Charon and the Javelin." The Lieutenant pressed on describing the postings. "A starship like the Eminence will be a great opportunity."

After Tarken had explained his qualifications, the Captain said, "Let me be frank. We need someone that will jump into this job. We have a smaller crew but that means everyone must give the ship 110%. Are you up that" he asked?

"Respectfully, I wouldn't be here if I wasn't up to it" replied Tosh. "I am ready to jump in, and I'll give you more than one hundred and ten percent."

Brakon nodded at the man's affirmation of commitment. "Good to hear Mister Tarkin. You only have a small team of eight, plus yourself, so you'll be busy.

Master Chief Van Der Luan is your Master at Arms, an experienced veteran, solid and reliable. The rest of the Security division are newer personnel, a couple fresh from training on their first ship.

Part of our role will be patrol and interdiction missions as well as rapid response. We want to develop a Hazard Team to support Security and to help deal with those kinds of situations.

Essentially a small group of senior non-coms with the experience and training to handle a variety of tasks, under stressful and dangerous conditions.

We need you to build, train and lead such a team. Think you can handle that?

Lieutenant Tarkin stiffened a bit. It was nice to feel needed and even more so to be placed in such a position. "It would be my duty and honor. I will have that team trained well, and I'll make sure that I work closely with the Master Chief to ensure the team is ready at the drop of a hat."

"Good," Brakon nodded again "Well, the Captain pulled a few strings with the Dockyard Master and we've getting a brand new Type 11 Shuttle, the USS Skua. Apparently a Skua is an Earth seabird that hunts on the oceans..." He'd had to look that one up, coming from Bajor

"She will be the Hazard Team transport and our Interdiction craft and she's ready for collection. So your first task will be to find a pilot, go pick her up and bring her aboard. Master Chief Van Der Luan has the details. "

"Similar to a gull I imagine," Tosh replied. Though he wasn't looking to get into a discussion of seaside ornithology. "Is that advisable?" asked the lieutenant. "I'm not questioning my orders, Sirs. I just am not thrilled about leaving the starship, especially given the size of the ship and the portion of personnel in my department. Nevertheless, I will proceed to the Skua."

"I think we're ok for now, inside Space Dock, Lieutenant" Brakon responded with a grin. "Anything else we need from the Lieutenant sir?" He asked Wells

"No, that will fine. Report for duty on time each day, please."

Lieutenant Tarkin had listened to the Commanding Officer. "You'd be surprised about the riff-raff that come and go to these space docks. Not slandering this one, but security on these things are often stretched thin. Just remember to check for stowaways."

"I'm sure you'll have chance to do that before we leave Mister Tarkin" Brakon smiled. "Welcome aboard, Carry on"


Captain John Wells,
Commanding Officer,

Lieutenat Brakon Ryal
Executive Officer

Lieutenant Tosh Tarkin
Chief Security & Tactical Officer


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