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MD 1 - Departure

Posted on Sun Jan 16th, 2022 @ 5:17am by Captain John Wells & Lieutenant Commander Trevor Andrews & Lieutenant Nerex & Lieutenant Brakon Ryal & Lieutenant Tosh Tarkin & Lieutenant Robyn Cole & Lieutenant JG Hank Solomon & Master Chief Petty Officer Henry Reagan & RESIGNED & Senior Chief Petty Officer Alessia Oxford

Mission: Dark Star Trilogy - M1: Star Fall
Location: USS Eminence


[1545hrs - Bridge]

Brakon stepped on to the Bridge and moved to stand by the center chair. “Standby to make preparations for departure” He announced.

“Mister Nerex, you have the orbital rendezvous coordinates for the Falling Star and course for the Dantari system I presume?” He asked the Helmsman

"Aye, sir. Coordinates and course headings have been entered and are ready." Nerex responded cooly.

“Chief Oxford, did we establish sensor-sharing protocols with Captain Tamarcan?”

Alessia nodded to the XO “Yes Sir” she quickly answered, “data bridge is active and encrypted.”

“We see all they see, and they see all we see” she specifies accomplished.

Brakon nodded. "Good work setting that up Chief"

He activated the communications control on the center chair’s armrest. =^= All hands this is the eX-Oh, standby for departure. Engineering, Mister Andrews, go to internal power and bring Impulse engines online.

Science and Medical, report readiness for departure and Department heads report to the Bridge

Mister Tarkin, bring in our Dock patrol; secure the main hatch and report to the Bridge =^=

Brakon turned to Reagan “Chief of the Boat, please inform Captain Wells we are ready to depart on his command”

Henry nodded , "Aye sir."
He turned on his heel and headed for the Captain's Readyroom.

[Ready Room]

Henry pressed the door chime as he stepped up to the door and waited for the Captain's acknowledgement.

"Come in" came the response from Captain Wells.
After being informed by Henry the ship is ready to depart on his command. He then leaves with Henry for the bridge.


When the Captain Wells walks onto the bridge.

He orders, Brakon, "Report, Mr. Brakon, ship's status."

"Departments are making preparations for departure, and Departments heads are ordered to the Bridge" Brakon reported.

"Very well" Wells said as he sat into his command chair.


Assistant Chief Engineering Officer, Lieutenant Commander Trevor A. Andrews reports, from his Bridge Engineering Station "Capt. Wells and Executive Officer, Lt Ryal, Impulse Engine Online, all readings nominal. Sirs. Engineering Section reports
All Warp drive Systems Check nominal when ever you need them, Sirs."
Since all other ship's system are also reading Nominal Function, as Asist/CEO. LCDR. Andrews, checks 'the board'. Since there is nothing to report to the Capt. and XO, he doesn't.


=^= All diagnostics are green and we are good to go, Sir =^= the Chief Science Officer reported.


=^= Sickbay is ready for anything sir. All of our equipment and provisions have been replenished, and the rest of my staff are ready =^= the Doctor reported over the comm.


=^= Thank you Mister Solomon and Doctor Cole. Report to the Bridge =^= Brakon responded

[Main Hatch]

“C’mon in” Van Der Laun called to the Security Officer at their docking ramp. He waited until she had cleared the ramp and activated the hatch control panel.

“Ready when you are Chief” He said to Tarkin

Lieutenant Tarkin nodded at Van Der Luan. "Master Chief, see to it that all docking patrol are aboard and accounted for," the Chief of Security instructed. Though they had been called back and cleared the ramp, Tosh wanted to be thorough.

"I will be on the bridge if there are any issues or concerns," noted Tosh as he made his way to a lift.

"Aye sir" Van Der Laun confirmed


Captain Wells said, "Helm, please confirm our departure with the dock master. Then clear all moorings."

"Dock Master has signaled our readiness for departure," Nerex replied. "Mooring beams are being cleared now."

"Very well" came the response.

The turbolift doors slid open to reveal the Eminence's resident Doctor. Robyn stepped off of the lift and look towards the CO. "Permission to enter the bridge Captain?" she asked. Of course, it was more of a rhetorical question since she was a senior officer and she had the clearance to enter.

Not even looking over at the turolift the Captain replied," Permission granted. Welcome to the bridge."

As soon as things were set down in the Science department, Lt. JG Solomon rapidly made his way to the bridge of the ship.

As the doors slid open he calmly entered nodding a shy salute to the officers already present in the area.

“Lieutenant Solomon reporting for duty” he respectfully said after reaching his console and logging in, ready to receive orders from his superiors.

Lieutenant Tarkin had exited the lift, making their way to the Tactical station and unlocking the controls with his access. "All Security personnel assigned to docking detail are aboard and accounted for, Sir. Tactical remains on stand by."

"Thank you Mister Tarkin. Mooring and umbilical's dropped, docking clamps released" Brakon confirmed to Wells "Ship is ready to depart sir"

"Helm viewer ahead."

“Aye, sir.” Nerex activated the view screen to show the forward view.

With that the Commanding Officer spoke the words that the helm would hear again as the missions continued,

"Helm, take us out of space dock. Ahead one quarter impulse power."

He was surprised they weren’t using thrusters, since he was sure that’s what Starfleet regulations required. But he didn’t bring it up, because he preferred higher speeds. “Aye, sir,” was all he said as he brought the ship to one quarter impulse power.

"Chief Reagan, please alert the Falling Star we are enroute. ETA is fourteen minutes" Brakon instructed the COB.

With that the USS Eminence started her way out of Spacedock and towards her mission.


Captain John Wells,
Commanding Officer,

Brakon Ryal
Executive Officer

Lt JG Hank Solomon,
Chief Science Officer

Lieutenant Tosh Tarkin
Chief Security & Tactical Officer

SCPO Alessia Oxford
Science Technician

Lieutenant Nerex
Flight Control Chief


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