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MD 4 - Underway

Posted on Thu Feb 3rd, 2022 @ 5:01am by Lieutenant Brakon Ryal & RESIGNED & Lieutenant Commander Trevor Andrews & Lieutenant Nerex & Lieutenant JG Hank Solomon & Master Chief Petty Officer Henry Reagan & Lieutenant Robyn Cole

Mission: Dark Star Trilogy - M1: Star Fall
Location: USs Eminence & SS Falling Star
Timeline: 12.45 hrs


[SS Falling Star- Habitation Ring Alpha - Meeting and Dining room]

The Officers of the Eminence had been invited to lunch and a tour of the colony ship. They were currently in the large Meeting and Dinning room, able to hold two hundred and fifty people at a sitting. It was bustling with colonists enjoying their meal, children ran around, there was even the odd family dog or other exotic alien pet.

"And all grown fresh in the hydroponic gardens" Captain Tamarcan was explaining. "Once the habitation rings are landed, the gardens will continue to provide fresh fruits and vegetables until the first crops are planted and harvested."

"Then they will move over to specialized production for different varieties and operate more like regular green-houses. But with the capability to go back into full production in the case of crop shortages or failures" Doctor Joan Wellington added. She was one of the three Colony Administrators and Head of Farming and Agriculture.

"It all seems very well planned out Doctor Joan" Brakon nodded finishing a delicious plate of fresh mixed salad greens and replicated steak.

"The steaks will be real too. in about six months, once we get our beef and dairy herds out of cryo and established" She replied with a smile. "Nothing quite like fully organic meats and produce"

“Impressive indeed” Solomon says echoing what the XO just commented while enjoying his dinner.

“Do you also plan to move the vegetables production on the new planet’s soil or will you keep using the greenhouses onboard?” he asks the doctor while watering his mouth with a sip from his glass.

“I’m curious about biodiversity and the threats that might arise by bringing new cultures and animals into an already balanced ecosystem” he continues then placing his glass back on the table “...even within the same planet sometimes, bringing non-native lifeforms into different zones or areas might create unbalances and potentially catastrophic outcomes.”

He lays back sinking calmly into his chair adding “we got quite some cases of this re-engineering of the ecosystem long time ago back on Earth and sometimes it created a sort of domino effect for which people had to keep adding different species to try to counterbalance the nefarious effects of an initial mistake” he finishes waiting for an answer from Dr. Wellington.

Nerex tried not to smile as he ate. It was a good question, but he expected an answer involving simulations and estimates. Typically in his experience, science types tended to be more sure or themselves than they deserved to be. He waited to hear Dr. Wellington’s answer.

"You are quite correct Lieutenant, there have been several very poorly managed introductions of extraneous species into ecosystems not set up to accommodate them. Often with disastrous effects, I can think of several from Earth's history alone. Rabbits into Australian, wild pigs into the Americas, Cane toads, Zebra Mussels, the list is long

And once you involve alien species and other planetary ecosystems the risk magnifies further. We have been working on some common livestock species to be more adaptable to colony worlds such as Danatri Three. The hope is to develop hardy sustainable species while minimizing the risk of their having a negative effect on the local environment.

Dantari Three has some large areas of grasslands and prairie but no large herbivore species suitable for domestication and so we must bring our own. Undoubtedly there will be challenges, but we will hopefully be able to overcome those as we build our new colony.

And let us not forget there have been some successful introductions and re-introductions , Horses into North America, wolves back into areas where they were hunted to near extinction"

Solomon nods from time to time listening to Dr. Wellington’s answer.

"i see your point" he starts from the very last sentence about the specie reintroduction "and I second that, but I find it quite difficult to imagine a specie reintroduction process in a new world we know very little about" he lets himself go a bitter smile "I'm pretty sure most of the specie in Dantari Three had not yet been catalogued. Bacteria for instance, they are part of the ecosystem and quite difficult to identify at a first sweep...and reintroduce if needed" he concludes pausing between one sentence and the other.

He briefly diverts his attention to the meal, eating a bite of hydroponic-grown broccoli before continuing.

"But I am confident you and your team planned the colonization of Dentari Three with the utmost care and, as you told me, you put some thought in the matter" he acknowledged smiling.

"Oh, you should meet Doctor Gibson, he's a bacteriologist, mostly retired now but he decided to come along just to be the one to discover new strains!" Wellington smiled back.

Personally, Nerex didn't think it made sense bringing a large herbivore to a planet that didn't already have large herbivores, but he also wasn't a scientist and wasn't confident he would understand the answer if he asked. He turned to Wellington, "It sounds like an excellent opportunity for him. I can see why it would draw him out of retirement."

Wells had always been a man of a few words. He was taught to only speak when necessary, but what he said was worth listening too.

"I see you are all ready for the adventure ahead of you" said Wells.

Reagan had followed the group from the rear, taking basic mental nots and adding things into his PaDD. After the tour he quietly grabbed himself some of the food and sat at his table pouring over and revising his notes and adding small commentary on his thoughts.

The Eminence's resident doctor sat there quietly eating her food, which caused a soft and light smell to fill her nose. The food tasted just as good as it smelled, if not, better.

From his Bridge Engineering Station, which he hasn't left since leaving Space Dock, while doing his Engineering Duties; Pass on info. to the appropriate Bridge & Ship's Crew & Officers in transit, to the "Falling Star".

He gladly accepts the Invitation The Luncheon after, pass off the bridge station, ( Acting, Assist. CEO), Lt. Sion Brittney Rosanberg-Matheson (Brett).

He Beams himself over to the SS Falling Star's Habitation Ring Alpha - Meeting and Dining Room. Thinking, "This will give a chance to try out my new back-up power systems.", as he activates his bio-mass-demolecularizer. Plus a chance to simulate Mastication of Organic Matter and drinking of fluids."
Remembering not to Speak and "Eat" at the same time while socializing.
A s Settle in to the New Socializing Adventure aboard the "Falling Star".

As the party was finishing up a group of children came over to the table. A small girl, about five or six, came up to Wells and tugged his sleeve.

" 'Cuse me. Are you the Captain of the Starfleet ship?" She asked. "If you're having lunch with us, who's steering your ship, won't it get lost?"

"Captain Wells smiled and responded, "No, we have other members of the crew steering the ship right now. So, tell me, what is your name?"

"My name's Stephanie, I'm seven!" She replied. "My daddy is a Farmer, he grows things! But when I grow up, I want to drive starships!"

As the Luncheon ended and the Ship's tour began, A boy asked Andrews. "You're all shiney! Are you a robot or an android?"

" I'm Technically classified a Hazardous Duty Droid, but you, sir, can call me Trevor."
Andrews Answers thinking to himself, while answering the young boy. "Some one-else is in learning social graces mode."

"What is your Name?" Andrews continues.

"Andreas Rudolph Lawson , you can me Dru. although I prefer "Andy". Mr. Trevor, sir.", as Dru, salutes noticing the dress uniform Andrews Beamed himself over in. " but never "Rudy"."

" Andrews, is my last name, "Andy" is also another name I casually go by, but avoid confusion, Sir Lawson. I shall call you "Andy" and You can call me " Trev". " Trev, pauses an goes to attention briefly returning the boy's salute, mock or otherwise. " I'll call you "Andy"."

Andrew Assumed that "The Children" were to be their Tour guides, and/or social accompaniment, to introduce the "colony-feel" of the Ship.

Another girl, a young studious looking Vulcan of about ten approached Nerex. "You are Romulan sir?" More of a statement than a question. "My mother says that Vulcans were once like Romulans, fierce and warlike with uncontrolled emotions"

He almost laughed but kept it to a smile. “Do you believe I am fierce and warlike with uncontrolled emotions?”

"Not at the moment" The girl gave him a long look "But my mother says you are unable to help yourself once your emotions are aroused and Romulans are nearly as bad as Klingons.

I think you should learn to control emotions like Vulcans. I could show you some meditation techniques if you would be interested?"

Brakon grinned, overhearing the conversation between the serious young Vulcan and Nerex. Wondering how he'd take being compared to a Klingon

“I control my emotions pretty well, although surely not as well as a Vulcan can. I would be happy to learn any techniques you are willing to share.” He hoped this would make her day.

"Well, you would have to start with the very simple ones first, like my brother, he is five and still plays with toys. I will ask my mother what would for be suitable for a Romulan to learn" The girl replied. "Good day sir" She gave Nerex a stiff nod and headed off.

"I wonder if she's going to bring her mother over to tame the savage Romulan?" Brakon teased Nerex.

Nerex allowed himself to smile a little. "Are you collecting bets? I'm still deciding whether to be insulted about having to play with 'simple toys'."

"Yeah, simple toy for a Vulcan child probably involves advanced calculus and particle physics!" Brakon replied with a smile

As lunch wound down Captain Tamarcan stood up. "Well, if everyone's finished, we cans tart the tour. Where would you like to start Captain Wells, Bow or Stern?"

Before Wells could respond his commbadge chirped. =^=Bridge to Captain Wells. Please return to the ship immediately sir. We have an incoming message from Star Fleet Headquarters, your eyes only and the USS Normandy has contacted us for a rendezvous, they are six hours out. =^=

Wells looked surprised. He gave his apologies to Captain Tamarcan, said "Carry on with the tour Number One" to Brakon and few seconds later was transported back to the ship.

"Well, let's start at the stern and work forward shall we Captain" Ryal said to Tamarcan, hiding his own surprise at Well's abrupt departure

"Of course" Tamarcan smiled and pointed to an exit, "Right this
way" He led the group out of the large room and into a corridor leading towards the central hub of the ship.

To be continued...


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