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Mission Briefing

Posted on Tue Dec 28th, 2021 @ 5:16pm by Lieutenant Brakon Ryal & RESIGNED & Captain John Wells & Lieutenant Commander Trevor Andrews & Lieutenant Nerex & Lieutenant Tosh Tarkin & Lieutenant Robyn Cole & Lieutenant JG Hank Solomon & Master Chief Petty Officer Henry Reagan & Senior Chief Petty Officer Brandon Swift & Senior Chief Petty Officer Samuel Russell & Senior Chief Petty Officer Alessia Oxford

Mission: Dark Star Trilogy - M1: Star Fall
Location: Space Dock: Briefing Room 47
Timeline: DST M1 Day 1 0800Hrs


[Space Dock: Deck 152-Briefing Room 47]

Briefing room 47 consisted of a rectangular room, one end was dominated by a series of screens and a lectern, then a conference table with seating for twelve and behind that several rows of desks and seats. At the back of the room was a replicator and small lounge area.

A Yeoman was waiting when the Eminence crew arrived.

"Good morning. Command staff and Departments heads at the table please, other personnel please take a seat behind." She directed them.

The Captain walked into the room carrying what could only be described as a modern day breif-case.

Brakon followed Wells to the table, taking a seat on the Captain's right.

Lieutenant Nerex walked in and casually took a seat at the table. He nodded to Captain Wells, and took in the rest of the scene.

The USS Eminence's Chief of Security had made his way into the briefing room as quietly as he could with discretion, opting for a
nondescript seating where he could just be interwoven among personnel. He was there to watch, listen, and learn. The safety of the crew was of his utmost concern, then was the ship itself. What good was a ship without its crew?

Assistant Chief Engineering Officer, Lieutenant Commander Trevor A. Andrews Takes a seat at The Table, politely acknowledging those already present in the Room.

While his 'guests' Retired Rear Admiral, Corps of Engineers/CEO of Starfleet's Experimental Cybernetic Projects Division, Niles James McCulloch and Honorary Starfleet Officer, Lt. Che Herrera Squeazal, of Starfleet Special Detached Services take seats in "The Back".

Carrying their 'Replicator REAL' Klingon Blood Wine in traditional glasses, which the Rear Admiral obtained visa his command over codes. Plus, some interesting looking portable Klingon Delicacies.

As Rear Adm. McCulloch helped H.S.O., Lt. Che Squeazal, into his Starfleet issue booster seat. Whispered quietly to the Lt., "This aught to be interesting, Squeezre, olde' man."
"Yes, James, Something to do with a Colony Ship, called "Falling Star.", Lt. Che Squeazal Whispered back, as made himself comfortable.

"Captain Storn, Starfleet Corps of Engineers, Doctor Gebon Fhalh, Tygarian Starship and Colony Design Bureau and Captain Tamarcan, is Commander of the colony ship Falling Star. If, I remember correctly, to be more precise, but I won't ruin anymore of Commodore Mason's surprise." " 'James', as the Rear Adm. liked to be called, replied quietly.

Helping himself to the Klingon Delicacies on tray Lt. Squeazal held adroitly with his two lowest of his six Leg/Arms. While the Lt. picked out his choices, with his "middle" two Leg/Arms; holding his Glass in 'upper right' Leg/Arm.

The Chief Science Officer joined the rest of the crew in the meeting room. He quickly joins the rest finding an empty seat and eased himself switching on a data PADD ready to take some note as the meeting proceeds.

Doctor Cole and SCPO Russell walked into the briefing room. Robyn looked at Samuel. "So how's hazard team coming along?"

"So far it's going pretty well. Of course there hasn't been any action on my end yet, since I am the medic and we haven't had any actual deployments yet," The Enlisted Nurse replied as the two sat down in the back of the room.

Henry nodded and moved silently to a desk with his stack of PaDDs and started flitting through them while waiting for the meeting to begin.

Van Der Luan followed the Chief of the Boat to the desks and found a seat in the first row. As other junior ranks filed in after them.

MCPO Alessia Oxford shyly entered the crowded room with her uniform in perfect order holding a PADD into her hands. Her eyes quickly scanned the room looking for familiar faces. She finally settled into the figure of lieutenant Solomon and the empty chair close to him.

Approached her superior officer, she warmly smiled him “Can I?” she asked before sitting in the chair next to him.

“Sure” Hank returned her smile “How is it going?”

“Quite well, thanks, still getting somewhat accustomed to this ship and the rest of the crew” she shrugged, “takes some time I guess”.

Solomon nodded “That’s normal” he started “takes some time but seems to me you are doing just fine. Don’t rush, things will come along” he winked her briefly.

Alessia slightly tilted her head suffocating a laugh before turning her attention again to the meeting.

The Yeoman set pots of coffee and plates of cookies on the table and directed the junior ranks to the replicator.

Brakon poured himself a coffee and took a cookie. "Tough assignment on Spacedock huh" He smiled through a mouthful of crumbs

Lieutenant Tarkin took the opportunity to study the social interactions among the people in the briefing room, and examine the body language of certain individuals. There was an Android of some sort in attendance that was of particular interest. Tosh had never served alongside one that wasn't simply there for physical labor.

Nerex went to the replicator and got a simple glass of water. He looked around at the now large group of people filling the room. He made his way back to his seat and waited patiently.

Henry grabbed himself a mug of coffee, black, and sat back down pouring over duty rosters for the enlisted personnel.

Van Der Luan grabbed himself a large black raktajino and sat back next to Reagan. "So, let's see, what would we really like for a first mission? Chasing down illegal gunrunners? Interdiction patrols on the Breen border? What are we probably going to get? Convoy escorts to Deep Space Six or Courier duties for Sector command!"

Henry smiled, "Yeah, that sounds about right. Suppose it could be worse, could always be assigned deep space anomaly scanning, or second contact missions."

A few minutes later the door opened "Commodore Mason on deck!" The Yeoman announced, the crew stood as four people entered. A Human Male Commodore in command red, a Vulcan Captain in yellow, a tall green reptilian female Tygarian in civilian clothes and a male humanoid Kaelon in a non-Starfleet uniform.

"Please be seated" Mason said as he came to the table. "I'm Commodore Gerald Mason, Sector One Operations. May I introduce Captain Storn, Starfleet Corps of Engineers, Doctor Gebon Fhalh, Tygarian Starship and Colony Design Bureau and Captain Tamarcan of the colony ship Falling Star

Well Captain Wells I hope you and your crew are ready for your first assignment?"

The Captain smiled and responded,

"I have complete confidence in my crew being able to complete whatever task that Starfleet can throw at us sir.."

The newcomers took seats and Mason nodded to the Yeoman. The screens behind him came to life, the central one displaying an image of a large starship. Other screens brought up specifications and data.

"This is Captain Tamarcan's vessel, the colony ship Falling Star. She is in orbit, about forty kilometers from Spacedock.

Your first assignment is going to be escorting her to her new home, Dantari Three, a Class M colony world in the Helion Sector, about seven weeks away at Warp Six Point Eight, which is her top speed.

The Falling Star is the first of her kind and is a brand new concept in colony ships. I'll let her designer Doctor Fhalh, give you the details..."

The Tygarina stepped up and stood by the screen. "Good morning. The ship is designed in four sections. Three of which are single-use. The bow and auxiliary command section" She indicated the shovel-nosed forward section on the image

"The central section here just aft of the bow, contains colony life support, power generators, fabrication and engineering shops, industrial replicators, medical and science facilities, communication and so forth. It also contains the majority of the cargo and storage bays, containing farming and construction equipment, vehicles, raw materials, supplies and fusion generator power sources, for the initial set up of the colony.

Further back there are the two habitation rings, these provide accommodation for one thousand colonists in each ring during the voyage and are then redeployed to the colony as housing.

The artificial gravity in those sections of the ship is at ninty-degrees to the central axis, thus the deck floor is actually the wall bulkhead facing the bow. This is the orientation for once the ship has landed.

Finally, there is the warp drive section in the stern, which is the reusable part of the design and houses the primary command bridge, engineering, warp core, life-support and crew quarters and so forth. It is equipped with a heavy duty design warp core able to propel the mass of the colony ship at optimal cruising speeds.

On arrival in orbit the bow and central sections will detach and commence an entry sequence into the planet's atmosphere. As you can see the bow is heavily reinforced -" She indicated the black areas on the shovel-nosed bow" "- to withstand the entry and landing

"The bow section is designed to enter the atmosphere and complete a controlled-impact-landing on to the designated colony site, penetrating the ground to a depth of approximately sixty meters.

Once landed, the bow then forms the foundation and basement levels of the colony.

The central section, then becomes an above-ground vertical tower.

Once the initial entry and landing is complete the two habitation rings will be detached from the drive section. These each separate into eight segments, which are then landed at the site to form housing units.

Once the operation is complete the drive section can return to be attached to a new colony ship and repeat the operation at another site."

"That's a novel design" Brakon commented "Essentially you crash the bow into the ground?"

"Not quite Lieutenant" Storn replied dryly "The impact site will be carefully selected and surveyed and there is an array of heavy-duty mining lasers in the bow, which will break up the ground before impact.

But yes, as you say, this is a novel approach to building colonies and Starfleet has been tasked with assisting and monitoring this first trial. If it is successful, the Corps of Engineers will consider adopting this system for future colonization operations."

"Your assignment Captain Wells" Mason took over "Is to escort the Falling Star to Dantari Three, assist as needed during the landing and colony set up, then document and report on the operation.

Now, I'm sure you have questions. We will endeavor to answer them"

Before anyone-else can speak...

"The Engineering Section will be through Captain Wells's direction of course. Will be more than ready to assist the "Falling Star", to a successful conclusion of this Mission, Sir." LCDR, Andrews, stated voluntarily.

"One question though. Why was it decided that such a project and IT's ship which is, ostensibly on a shakedown cruise.
Plus, this being a mission of such great importance involving IT.

When this new concept is in a final proof of achieving a streamlining colonization procedure. Is there only one escort ship been assigned to this Project?" Andrews asked.

Then adding hastily " Not that Captain Well and the crew of the Eminence is more than capable, of leading a support group to accompany the "Falling Star".
But, if you pardon be me being very blunt, Commodore Mason; Captain Storn; Doctor Gebon Fhalh; and Captain Tamarcan.
My First Assignment involved the moving of what was left of a dying civilization...that and my 80 plus years in Starfleet... have shown me stuff Happens when you least expect it.

Thus, Qualifying, my above remarks without having yet availed my self of the vast data files on the "Falling Star" and it's redundancies, back-ups, and systems and systems tests... but putting such a big and important egg in the hands of one basket...
No Matter how proven and reliable... may be bit much." Andrews finishes flatly and totally unemotionally.

Then looking one by one from Commodore Mason, to Captain Storn, to Doctor Gebon Fhalh, to Captain Tamarcan and finally to Capt. Wells, awaits an answer.

Back in the "cheap seats" Rear Adm. McCulloch and Lt. Squeazal look at each other and nod to each other. Then turn to face Queried Gallery of Officers, waiting along with LCDR Andrews, for a reply.

Mason looked a little taken aback by the Android's statements.
"Well Commander Andrews, I believe the Eminence has in fact completed it's shakedown cruise and with flying colors. The ship has been designed ready for operational duty.

Sector Operations is confident that your Captain and your fellow crew are more than adequate for this assignment and that includes dealing with any stuff that arises.

Now, if you have some reasons that you feel that not to be the case I'm sure Captain Wells and I would be interested to hear those.

Or, are you implying you personally are not comfortable with this assignment? If that is the case I can arrange for Personnel Division to have you reassigned immediately. I'm sure Captain Wells does not need an Engineer who is not confident in the ship's ability to handle this assignment and I can find him one who is!"

"Sir, I have full confidence, in Capt. Wells and the Ship's Crew."
Andrews, Continues a little miffed at the misunderstanding but controlling himself, " I was not referring to USS Eminence when I said anything about Being on a Shakedown Cruise I was plainly referring to the "Falling Star". He replied Scanning the people at he Table around them. "This is clearly It's First Voyage fully assembled; fully crewed and Fully Cargoed. So, Ergo IT is on IT's First Shakedown CRUISE."

He slowly Stood-up, and continued, "If, You would have listened to what I said ... I was not impugning the USS Eminence; Capt. Wells; and/or the ability, of the Crew, or even the ship, to handle this Mission. Either!. Sir."

"I was just be my longwinded and through self, Commodore Mason, Sir." As he continued his oration, he gave Rear Admiral
McCulloch, and Lt. Squeazal, a Gesture showing that he knew he was being too verbose for the Commodore, and Capt Wells both of whom he knew full-well weren't use to It. In short, that he was about to wrap-up, his remarks.

" I just wanted, to Thank You very much, Commodore Mason, for your assurance that Capt. Wells and the crew of the USS Eminence NCC-90008 (He nods briefly to indicate that he is including himself in the "...and the crew.." part of his oration. ), by giving , Capt. Wells, this honor." Pausing a moment, for effect, " But, given this importance of this precedent setting mission, that could we not have some-one just more than specifically listening-in, to be available to assist us.
Not that The Capt. and Crew will need It. In any way, with this the grace of those present Gods and/or other Protective Deities, knock on "wood". (He symbolically briefly wraps the conference table.)
In short, Sir, the 'Ocean' on which We all Sail ...."Space" Cruel Mistress always out, to make life and our voyage through IT a little Too Interesting."
Finishing with turning as he sat giving Capt. Wells a Crisp Sincerely Respectful "British Flat right hand to forehead" Salute.
He then Patiently awaited an answer, from the Commodore, and/or a comment From Capt. Wells,

Then Wells added "I assure you Commodore, the ship is up to any task command throws at us. I am afraid that Andrews is still getting use to life on the ship."

Wells then turned his attention back to the briefing.

The Rear Admiral sent both the Commodore and and Capt. Wells a Personal apology play later message to their personal communicators.
To the Effect He wished he could have met you to earlier, on how to avoid LCDR, Andrews over eagers to please, those in Authority by being Very Thorough in his Remarks when the que are there any questions.
That even after 80+ Years His "Original Hazard Droid" leave nothing out when asking a question so that the enquirer would have all the information to make a through answer.

"Good" Mason nodded to Wells "Now, perhaps we can continue with the briefing. Captain Wells, questions?"

"Not at this time, sir, but I would welcome any other questions from members of my staff" answered Wells.

Nerex had been thinking about the assignment. To him it seemed boring, from a navigational standpoint. Escort missions tended to be boring and longer than necessary, as long as things didn’t go wrong. He considered knocking on wood in the human tradition but didn’t want to disrupt the meeting. The leadership already seemed annoyed with the Eminence crew. He was impressed that the colony ship could make warp six point eight, with its massive size. Twenty years ago the trip could have taken twice as long, so it could be worse.

Once the “dust” settled Solomon briefly gestured to recall the presents’ attention.

“Sirs, I’m lieutenant Solomon, Chief Science Officer of the USS Eminence” he presented himself before speaking up “from what I understood we are to escort the Falling Star to her new home, Dantari Three.” he scratches his light beard “I am not familiar with such a planet or system” he started “are there any information we should be briefed upon? Any spatial anomaly or anything that could impair or dampen our sensors on the way to that place or in that area?”

Waiting for the answer of the senior staff he explains his requests.

“We cannot control uncertainty but if we already know of some possible issues that might be addressed by tweaking our sensors’ grid our life might be much easier, especially in identifying unexpected readings through the voyage or at the destination”.

MCPO Oxford added “if we can get the Falling Star’s sensor’s specifications it might help us in providing a more in-depth sensor coverage through the relocation of the colony ship” she concluded with a charming smile.

“That too” Hank nodded pointing to the science officer sitting at his right and waiting for updates on his requests.

"Captain Tamarcan?" Mason nodded to the Kaelon.

"Yes, the Dantari System is adjacent to the Argellus Sector, it is a Binary System, with fourteen planets. Three and Five are Class M. But Five is subject to considerable tectonic and volcanic activity so Three is our best option for Colonization.

The other notable feature in the vicinity is the Wasum-Beta-Seven asteroid field. That is approximately two days away from Dantani and is one of the larger asteroid clusters in the quadrant. Once the colony is well established, we hope to start mining operations out there.

As for sharing sensor data, the Falling Star is equipped with only class four sensors, enough for travel, navigation and final landing site survey. We don't have the power or range of Starfleet systems.

But I believe we can inter-connect our system with yours to share data...Doctor? " He looked over to Gebon Fhalh

"Yes, that would be possible" The Doctor concurred, "Consulting a design PaDD. "We can establish a telemetrics and sensor sub channel to the Eminence. That would enable you to share sensor data. We might need a little recalibration and to write some interface code but we should be able to work something out"

"Does that help Mister Solomon?" Mason asked

The Chief Science Officer nodded multiple times while taking some brief note on his PaDD before addressing Alessia.

“Get in contact with doctor Fhalh and set up a data bridge with the Eminence so we can share sensors’ readings”

MCPO Oxford nodded in acknowledgement.

“More than enough” Hank answered to the senior staff “Thanks for the clarification. Miss Oxford will contact you to set up the link between the two ships so that we can improve overall sensors coverage” and saying so he crossed his arms and waited to see if anyone else had any more questions or insights to offer.

Though it felt rather schoolboy to do so, in a room of so many, and not wanting to come off as brash as the Android Lieutenant Commander had, Tosh Tarkin raised his hand before speaking. "Respectfully, not to harp on colonial concerns, but I believe it was stated Dabtari III was Minshara class, and most suitable for colonization. Has anyone set actual foot on the planet prior to this mission? A survey team?"

Tosh went on to elaborate. "M class planets are excellent for Humanoid life, but part of that involves having sound ecosystems meaning flora, fauna, and animal life. I just to ensure that once the Eminence leaves these colonists behind after the Falling Stars' mission is completed, that they will be able to survive, defend themselves if need be."

Captain Tamarcan responded. "Yes, there was an initial survey in twenty-three eighty-nine, when the system was first explored. Then a more detailed full planetary survey in twenty-three ninety-seven when the planet was scheduled for colonization. And finally, we conducted a further geological survey, for suitable landing sites for the Falling Star six months ago.

There are some medium sized carnivores, about the size of an Earth dog and some venomous aquatic reptiles but no other indigenous threats were identified.

The colony will also have its own constabulary and security patrols. Does that answer your question, Lieutenant?"

Lieutenant Tarkin nodded. "Yes, it does. Thank you for the clarification," replied Tosh. He was content with the information, though still slightly worried.

"With a data bridge between the two ships, could it be arranged to remotely pilot the Falling Star from the Eminence if necessary?" Nerex asked calmly.

"That would depend on which section you are referring to" Doctor Fhalh replied. "The rear drive and command section has built-in control of the various other modules during the voyage and also for the habitation rings during landing. I

It could also remotely pilot the bow and central sections during landing if required.

It would be possible to establish a control link between the drive section and Eminence, the ship is built with standard Federation controls. But to then remotely control the various other sections, via the drive section, would probably take some additional interface work, as those are proprietary systems designed by Tygarian Starship and Colony Design Bureau.

So the answer is, yes and no..." She smiled to Nerex

"Thank you, Doctor. It sounds very complicated, and hopefully we wouldn't need it anyway," Nerex smiled back. He had never piloted anything so large as the Falling Star, and he did hope he would have a chance to do so at some point during this mission.

"Good, now if there are no further questions, we will conclude this briefing." Mason stood up "Captain Wells, you will depart at sixteen-hundred hours, rendezvous with the Falling Star and commence your mission"

Captain Wells stood up and replied, "Aye sir, we will be ready."

Looking over at the XO he continued, "Commander please make sure that all transfers and key Personnel are on board buy 1600 hours. We will depart on time."

"Aye sir" Brakon nodded


Capt John Wells,
Commanding Officer

Lt Brakon Ryal

MCPO Henry Reagan
Chief of Boat

LtCmdr Trevo Andrews

Lt JG Hank Solomon
Chief Scientific Officer

MCPO Alessia Oxford

Lieutenant Nerex
Flight Control Chief

Lieutenant Tosh Tarkin
Chief of Security

MCPO Alake Van Der Luan
Master At Arms


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